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Web scraping for brand monitoring

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The commercial success of a product depends not only on the implementation of its design, but above all on the work of analyzing marketing opportunities. To avoid wasting time and money, it is best to study the market before creating the product: demand analysis, studies of the competitive environment, personae study of the target audience to make decisions. based on real market opportunities rather than your intuitions. Qualitative research by web sraping opens new business opportunities. Collecting data through web scraping helps data driven marketing. This qualitative research can reveal a saturated market or non-existent demand. Web scraping can be used to monitor specific websites or online services for changes or updates. This can be valuable for IoT applications that depend on real-time information. For example, an IoT system monitoring stock prices can use web scraping to retrieve the latest stock values and trigger alerts based on predefined conditions.


How to use web scraping in monitoring?


 In the world of e-commerce, web scraping is widely used to monitor competitor prices. It’s the only practical way for brands to check the prices of their competitors’ products and services, allowing them to refine their own pricing strategies and stay ahead of the game.
 Web data mining apps don’t stop there. Web scraping tools are widely used in news and reputation monitoring, journalism, SEO monitoring, competitor analysis, data-driven marketing and lead generation, risks, real estate, academic research and much more.
 Detect and respond to anomalous activity: Develop custom monitoring and detection mechanisms to identify potential web scraping incidents. You can track sudden increases in traffic from specific IP addresses or detect repeated failed login attempts. Once detected, you can react with countermeasures such as blocking the offending IP addresses or alerting the authorities if necessary.
 In the world of e-commerce, web data scraping is widely used to monitor competitor prices. This is the only practical way for brands to check the prices of their competitors’ products and services. On the other hand, the main use cases for scraping are price monitoring, news monitoring. We also note lead generation and market research, among others.
 Modern media can create exceptional value or an existential threat to your business – in just one news cycle. If you’re a business that depends on timely news analytics, or a business that frequently appears in the news, web news data scraping is the ultimate solution for monitoring, aggregating, and analyzing top stories. most critical of your sector.
 Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) monitoring is standard practice for ensuring that a brand’s online prices are aligned with its pricing policy. With tons of resellers and distributors, it is impossible to monitor prices manually. Therefore web scraping is convenient because you can keep tabs on your product prices without lifting a finger.