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Web Scraping Tools Chrome Extension

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Web scraping, also known as screen scraping, web data extraction, or web harvesting among other terms, is a method used to extract large amounts of data from websites. This data is then saved locally in your computer or in a database in either spreadsheet or table format. Do you know there are web scraping tools chrome extensions?

Web scraping is a major tool in marketing and business planning in most all industries. Google Web Scraper, an extension for Chrome browser, is made exclusively for web data scraping. You can set up a plan, also known as a sitemap, on how to navigate a website and be specific about the data you would like to extract. The scraper will traverse the website and retrieve the relevant data. It then lets you export this data to CSV. Multiple web pages can be scraped simultaneously using the tool. This makes it very powerful. It can even extract data from dynamic pages like those that use Javascript and Ajax, making it your number one choice of web scrapers.

What do you Need?

• A reliable internet connection.
• Chrome browser
• Knowledge of how to perform the scraping.
• The web scraper extension to Chrome.

Web Scraping Tools Chrome extension Features

• It allows you to scrape multiple pages simultaneously.
• The scraped Data you harvest is stored in your local storage or CouchDB depending on your preference.
• It gives you access to multiple data selection types.
• You can harvest data from dynamic pages like Java and AJAX.
• You can browse previously scraped data.
• It allows you to import or export sitemaps.
• It depends solely on Chrome browser.

How to Install web scraper tool on Your Google Chrome

You can easily install this extension from the Chrome store. After installing it, restart chrome to make sure the extension is fully loaded. If you do not want to restart Chrome, then use the extension only in tabs that are created after installing it.

Tutorials on how to install Google web Scraper can be readily found online on different websites. Learning how to scrape the web can also be easily learned online using the multiple platforms available online.