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Why Shopify scraper is so popular?

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As you know we develop scraper and of course we have our own shopify web scraper.

But why is it so popular?

There are several things why it happened:
1)Shopify is popular among suppliers, so they publish products at Shopify platform and dealers have to scrape data from source sites.
2)Shopify is really good for new businesses, it means that when a business starts to search how to make data entry it finds that scraping (scraper for shopify) helps a lot
so it will find shopify scraper.

Shopify is a great platform. Millions of businesses use it for selling and it helps a lot to boost sales.
Web Scraping is good for starting when you resell suppliers’ products and when there is no way to enter data manually. Image if you need to enter 1000 products with / or without variants.
it is a big job and web scraping help here a lot.

When data will be entered you will need to update prices/stocks/import new products.
And here you will understand that you need not just a web scraping – you need web scraper for shopify that will know how to work with your store and import/ update products carefully.

Find Video where demonstrated how Shopify web scraper works.

Universal shopify store scraper. Export products from any shopify store to file: csv,excel,json,xml

Mydataprovider developed universal web scraper software for scraping stored based on Shopify CMS.
It could save you time and money for doing your business.

Benefits shortly

Shopify web scraper allows you to scrape data ASAP because it does not require setup.
Shopify platform allows you to export all data about product (there is no sales and orders info) just only products description, images, options etc.