Web Scraping Pricing ( per 1 source site )

Web Scraping Pricing ( per 1 source site )

We setup custom scrapers for each client because each client is unique.
Client can run scrapers via our online service and manage data itself. Data will be extracted at our servers and via our proxy servers.

No annual contracts! No hidden fees! Only pay for you need!

Simple scraper

50 USD / monthly

setup 100 USD
up to 5 fields extraction included
Delivery: in 2 days

Custom scraper

Contact us

tell us

what you need

we will create a scraper

( Optionally ) Sync with your store

+50 USD / monthly

setup +100 USD

Delivery: in 2-3 days

Pricing for custom web scraping depends on many factors

number of pages

To extract 100, 3000, and 100000 pages are 3 different tasks. Why? Because if you need to scrape big dataset you need to have a pool of alive proxies.

site speed

Scraping is slow by design. Some sites are too slow and 1 page takes 5-10 seconds for downloading. Do not forget about that when build your project!

number of data points for extraction

To extract item with 4 fields and to extract product page with all varaints (colors, sizes, availabilities) are different tasks.

site has anti-bots subsystem (bots detection)

If site has Cloudflare or Incapsula / Imperva it will require additional time for scraping setup.

Each site is unique and we develop custom scrapers for our clients, so each task is unique.
Today a lot of sites prevent web scraping (all TOP sites) and have strong anti-bots algorithms for preventing data extraction,
so extract data is harder if compare with sitiation several years ago.
Web scraping is a legal way of data extraction of public information and our company has experience with big data sets extraction.
Contact sales and we will estimate your task.