Iherb API: Use as Iherb Price Tracker, Web Scraper, Price History Monitoring.

Iherb API: Web Scraper, Price Tracking, Data Extraction

Do you need to scrape 5K-100K items from Iherb site? You have to use our Iherb web scraping / price monitoring service. Hire our team and access top-notch technologies for Iherb web scraping. Extract Iherb data 1 time or daily!

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Download For Free Web Scraping Samples

Filename / LinkSize
00000_AllInOne_json.zip4.05 Mb
00002_Sports Supplements_Sports Multivitamins_excel.xlsx74.36 Kb
00003_Sports Supplements_Hydration & Electrolytes_excel.xlsx168.6 Kb
00004_Sports Supplements_Diet Formulas_excel.xlsx127.05 Kb
00005_Sports Supplements_Fat Burners_excel.xlsx214.87 Kb
00006_Sports Supplements_MCT Oil_excel.xlsx85.59 Kb
00007_Sports Supplements_Sports Fish Oil & Omegas_excel.xlsx31.6 Kb
00008_Sports Supplements_CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)_excel.xlsx77.71 Kb
00009_Sports Supplements_Testosterone_excel.xlsx110.95 Kb
00010_Sports Supplements_Tribulus_excel.xlsx25.25 Kb
00011_Sports Supplements_Diuretics, Water Pills_excel.xlsx20.06 Kb
00012_Sports Supplements_ATP (Adenosine 5-Triphosphate)_excel.xlsx9.45 Kb
00013_Sports Supplements_Deer Antler Velvet_excel.xlsx11.36 Kb
00016_Protein_Whey Protein_Whey Protein Blends_excel.xlsx492.19 Kb
00017_Protein_Whey Protein_Isolate_excel.xlsx401.04 Kb
00018_Protein_Whey Protein_Whey_excel.xlsx134.99 Kb
00019_Protein_Whey Protein_Hydrolysate_excel.xlsx19.2 Kb
00021_Protein_Plant Based Protein_Plant Based Blends_excel.xlsx366.1 Kb
00022_Protein_Plant Based Protein_Soy Protein_excel.xlsx34.24 Kb
00023_Protein_Plant Based Protein_Pea Protein_excel.xlsx44.5 Kb
00024_Protein_Plant Based Protein_Hemp Protein_excel.xlsx25.93 Kb
00025_Protein_Plant Based Protein_Rice Protein_excel.xlsx26.84 Kb
00026_Protein_Plant Based Protein_Pumpkin Protein_excel.xlsx7.85 Kb
00027_Protein_Protein Blends_excel.xlsx206.98 Kb
00028_Protein_Meal Replacements_excel.xlsx189.24 Kb
00029_Protein_Weight Gainers_excel.xlsx115.23 Kb
00031_Protein_Animal Protein_Beef_excel.xlsx37.07 Kb
00032_Protein_Animal Protein_Chicken_excel.xlsx18.98 Kb
00033_Protein_Animal Protein_Egg_excel.xlsx18.82 Kb
00034_Protein_Animal Protein_Goat_excel.xlsx11.22 Kb
00035_Protein_Bone Broth_excel.xlsx57.18 Kb
00036_Protein_Micellar Casein Protein_excel.xlsx37.95 Kb
00037_Protein_Ready to Drink_excel.xlsx33.14 Kb
00038_Protein_Casein Protein_excel.xlsx18.36 Kb
00039_Protein_Milk Protein_excel.xlsx6.87 Kb
00040_Protein_Protein Nut Spread_excel.xlsx7.06 Kb
00042_Post-Workout Recovery_BCAA_excel.xlsx383.94 Kb
00043_Post-Workout Recovery_L-Arginine_excel.xlsx45.08 Kb
00044_Post-Workout Recovery_L-Carnitine_excel.xlsx86.06 Kb
00045_Post-Workout Recovery_L-Glutamine_excel.xlsx80.36 Kb
00046_Post-Workout Recovery_Amino Acid Blends_excel.xlsx271.92 Kb
00047_Post-Workout Recovery_L-Citrulline_excel.xlsx152.63 Kb
00048_Post-Workout Recovery_ZMA_excel.xlsx18.5 Kb
00049_Post-Workout Recovery_L-Ornithine_excel.xlsx8.76 Kb
00050_Post-Workout Recovery_Carbohydrate Powders_excel.xlsx52.68 Kb
00051_Post-Workout Recovery_Essential_excel.xlsx7.79 Kb
00052_Post-Workout Recovery_AAKG (Arginine a-Ketoglutarate)_excel.xlsx16.48 Kb
00053_Post-Workout Recovery_BHB Salts_excel.xlsx25.97 Kb
00054_Post-Workout Recovery_L-Leucine_excel.xlsx13.29 Kb
00057_Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies_Protein Bars_Whey Protein Bars_1755628569_excel.xlsx236.39 Kb
00058_Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies_Protein Bars_Milk Protein Bars_374820880_excel.xlsx120.13 Kb
00059_Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies_Protein Bars_Soy Protein Bars_815836684_excel.xlsx64.02 Kb
00060_Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies_Protein Bars_Plant Based Protein Bars_-843372882_excel.xlsx70.79 Kb
00061_Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies_Diet & Weight Loss Bars_excel.xlsx54.89 Kb
00063_Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies_Protein Snacks_Protein Cookies_-883004007_excel.xlsx49.22 Kb
00064_Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies_Protein Snacks_Protein Cake Bites_839152188_excel.xlsx15.59 Kb
00065_Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies_Protein Snacks_Protein Brownies_-762747051_excel.xlsx8.43 Kb
00067_Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies_Sport Bars_Energy Bars_excel.xlsx126.85 Kb
00068_Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies_Sport Bars_Meal Bars_excel.xlsx28.37 Kb
00071_Pre-Workout Supplements_Stimulant_Caffeine_excel.xlsx296.08 Kb
00072_Pre-Workout Supplements_Beta Alanine_excel.xlsx106 Kb
00074_Pre-Workout Supplements_Nitric Oxide Formulas_Citrulline Malate_-1910144680_excel.xlsx33.7 Kb
00075_Pre-Workout Supplements_Nitric Oxide Formulas_Agmatine Sulfate_1969518049_excel.xlsx13.94 Kb
00076_Pre-Workout Supplements_Nitric Oxide Formulas_Betaine Anhydrous_1392465813_excel.xlsx18.96 Kb
00077_Pre-Workout Supplements_Non-Stimulant_excel.xlsx43.73 Kb
00080_Muscle Builders_Creatine_Creatine Monohydrate_excel.xlsx134.61 Kb
00081_Muscle Builders_Creatine_Micronized Creatine_excel.xlsx23.42 Kb
00082_Muscle Builders_Creatine_Buffered Creatine_excel.xlsx10.55 Kb
00083_Muscle Builders_Creatine_Creatine Blends_excel.xlsx47.09 Kb
00084_Muscle Builders_Creatine_Creatine HCl_excel.xlsx15.75 Kb
00085_Muscle Builders_HMB_excel.xlsx10.76 Kb
00086_Muscle Builders_GH Formulas_excel.xlsx9.63 Kb
00088_Sports Accessories_Shaker & Water Bottles_excel.xlsx38.79 Kb
00089_Sports Accessories_Belts & Trimmers_excel.xlsx5.35 Kb
00091_Sports Accessories_Workout Enhancer_excel.xlsx7.83 Kb
00092_Sports Accessories_Self Tanning_excel.xlsx5.82 Kb

How can you use it?

Iherb Web Scraping / Content extraction

Get solution to extract content from Iherb website.
Extract for each Iherb product the next fields:

- name, sku, price, description,
- all images,
- features,
- options (size, color etc),
- categories with structure.

Iherb Price Monitoring & Price History

Receive real-time reports with actual Iherb prices & stocks.
Analyse price history.

Iherb API

Access extracted Iherb data via API calls. Receive Iherb data in structured CSV, XML or JSON file.

Iherb Drop Shipping

You can use Iherb Web Scraper for Iherb Drop Shipping and export data from Iherb web site in to your store.
We will generate file with data (csv,xml, json or excel) and you will import Iherb data directly into your online store: shopify,woocommerce, opencart,prestashop,ccvshop.

Iherb Price Drops

Analyse prices changes. Get real-time price drops reports by email.

How it works?

Find here workflow how to work with us.

Step 1

Client defines fields for extraction from site or API, chooses export file format, defines categories/urls for extraction.

Step 2

We create a technical specification (TS) for client's task. When document is ready client receives it for confirmation.

Step 3

Our service demo. Samples files.

Step 4

When TS is ready client signs and sends signed copy to us, we send signed document to client by us.

Step 5

Development and client's account setup. It takes ~4-5 working days.

Step 6

Delivery. Client receives email that task is ready and client can take data. If any issue client could contact our manager.

Why MyDataProvider?

Because you will get all things done.

Mydataprovider provides professional custom software development services with a focus on web scraping and price monitoring, repricing services since 2009. Trust us and we will do all the best.

Cost savings

Mydataprovider supports more than 100 TOP websites + our pricing is startups friendly.

1000x more data

Using our tools you could extract tons of data.

Get faster

2 times faster to market. Average time for 1 new scraper development take 2-3 days!


Find here recent testimonials.

Sergey Viktorovich, Director of Online Store

“I’ve been using this excellent service for four years. It pays off very quickly. Responding to any question immediately, the technical support is really fantastic.”

Natalya Sokolova, Head of Retail Sales, Mampassia

We were looking for a company to assist us in competitive pricing analysis. We have made the right choice when we decided in favor of MyDataProvider.
We are completely satisfied. We get a comprehensive answer to every question that arises. We receive a very quick reply to every email.
And plese accept a special thanks for your patience. It is a real pleasure to work with MyDataProvider. Highly appreciated and recommended.

Alex Kravchenko, Head of Web Project

“A great web scraper, an outstanding technical support! It took only three days to implement the technical specification. Specifically for us, MyDataProvider developed an individual web scraper. Their continuous positive attitude when solving all challenges and problems allow me to stay sure that our cooperation will continue in the future. MyDataProvider certainly deserves a recommendation.”


Frequently asked questions.

Do you extract products option/variants data?

Yes, we do. All variants will be extracted correctly. For example sizes, colors will be extracted with appropriate sku, price, availability, images etc.

Can I download data via API?

Yes, you can.

Can you extract data from the other website?

Yes, we can.

Could you extract reviews for products?

Yes, we can.

Export only price drops?

Yes, we can export only items where price was dropped. We compare yesterday's and today's prices.

Excel? How do you export web scraping results?

We export to many formats, excel, csv, json or xml. Excel is preferred because it is the most common for use.