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Categories & Products filter – Runner

Custom Categories management

If you want to manage categories itself you have to create TXT files with categories URLS at your computer.
How to setup start categories for web scraping service
Download sample here

Keywords in this file are the next:
# – define category name and category level
[path] – splits category name and category url
For example

When file is ready goto @sources->@Your source-Edit->@Categories filter page, goto the end of page and upload new file with categories to Select custom grabCatalog section and press @Save.
Example of config file with start urls for web scraping service

Custom Products management

If you want to select specific products for web scraping do the next: create similar to the next TXT file:

How to extract specific products or items at web scraping service

As it was shown at the previous image
Define category name, level & URL (URL is required). (Find how at Custom Categories Management part of this manual)
Under the category line (first line) define products urls (1 line is 1 product).

Download sample here

When file is ready upload it the same way as described in “Custom Categories management— part of this manual.

Place for uploading config file at web scraping service

You can mix Custom Products management & Custom Categories management simultaneously.