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Price management – Runner

Margin Setup

Go to @Sources-> @Your source – Edit->@Categories change +margin and Press @Donwload template. Template for Settings Margins for selected categories will be downloaded.
How to download template file for custom margin at web scraping service
It is Excel file – open it in Ms Excel or OpenOffice or LibreOffice editor.Sample file
How to setup custom margin for prices from web scraping service
Now you have to fill this file and upload to @Upload new Settings section.

Find below sample of filled file:
sample of web scraping service configuration file for margin setup

How does Margin work
Active formula for NEW Prices is the next:
New Price = (Wholesale Price * (1 + Margin %) ) + (Margin DELTA)

Source category column (A) – do not change it!
Destination category column (B) – allows you to change original category path.
Margin % percent column (C) – allows you to set your margin for exported products
Margin DELTA column (D) – allows you to add specific number to price after margin % action

Sample 1: calculate manually
Wholesales price is 100$
Margin Percent is 10%
Lets get results:

100$ * (1 + 10%/100) = 110$
or 100$*1,1=110$
where 1,1 is effective multiplier

Sample 2: what “Margin percent” should I set if I want just multiply “Wholesales price” at 1800
effective multiplier is 1800
Lets get results:

1 + %/100 = 1800
1800-1 = 1799
%/100 = 1799
% = 179900

So, “Margin percent” has to be 179900

Pretty prices like 4.99 or 0.95. How to do it?

Go to @Source settings and at @Categories change + margin settings section set Round delta value: 0.05 or 0.01.
How to make pretty prices for extracted prices from web scraping service

How to apply margin based on Wholesale price range?

If you need to apply margin based on Wholesale price range you have to define your margin rules in excel config file: fine sample below, please
How to make ranges margin at web scraping service

How to do it
Go to Column (F – Margin rule) and put cell value to X
Insert new Worksheet and set it’s name to Margin rule – X
At Margin rule – X worksheet define your rules

Steps rules margins at web scraping service
Download sample here