Aliexpress API: alternative way to download products information without API key

Aliexpress API: documentation, alternative access to database

About Aliexpress api

We developed for our client solution that can be used as Aliexpress API. Solution provides alternate access to Aliexpress data (via web scraping).

Lets compare with Aliexpress API

1. There is no limitation in such type of API. Aliexpress API limits requests for account.

2. Products info we extract with variants (options, colors, sizes) etc. Aliexpress API does not provide that info.

3. Access to any category. Aliexpress API allows you to get access only to limited list of categories.

What is it?

Aliexpress gives official access to data via Web API. It means that you could get products into from aliexpress site and to publish it on your site, manage orders. Why is itĀ important?

It is important because you could receive real-time data from aliexpress web site and your offers will be in an actual state with right prices & quantities. So if you use Aliexpress API you do not need to do web scraping and purchase tons of proxies for scraping aliexpress web site.