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Prestashop Amazon Add-ons

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Do you want to sell Amazon products on your Prestashop? This is not hard at all. You only need to use the right tools so that you can be ahead of the game. Below are modules you may consider purchasing for your Prestashop Amazon store.

Amazon marketplace


If you are looking for a solution to exporting products on Prestashop, Amazon marketplace is the best. What Amazon does is to integrate your store into the world’s thriving marketplace and helps in increasing your sales. Amazon marketplace is very efficient and very easy to use thus giving everyone a chance to enhance the marketing industry. It also helps in the quick exportation of your products professionally.
How to open Amazon marketplace

  • Download and install the Amazon marketplace for Prestashop app.
  • Open an account on Amazon marketplace.
  • Enter your access key easily, reconfigure the module and sync your stock with Amazon.

By following the above steps, your orders will be automatically updated and imported as in the schedule.

 Amazon login module

The module addon helps the client to log in by clicking the Amazon account once.
Features of Amazon login

  • Customers choose where to redirect after registration
  • Custom hook displays in any area of your shop of the Amazon.
  • You can choose the position of the login button.

The login module increases the number of registered customers thus making the technical feature more enjoyable

Social login module


The module allows your customers register to your store with a 1click via PayPal, Amazon Twitter, Google or Facebook in Prestashop
By the use of the advanced tools for connectors, you can choose any of them in a different location on your website. The module also gives you three possibilities to use in your connectors;

  • Use of native hooks from the module.
  • Use of shortcode generating tool.
  • The module has HTML elements.

Since all the connectors are social networks, you can appreciate the online shops that give a convenient method of modern marketing.

 Amazon importer module

Amazon importer module helps you to import products to your Prestashop using use the Asin one-by-one module. This helps in saving your time in uploading the items in the Prestashop table.

  • The module helps to import the products to Prestashop
  • Choose categories before importing by setting either price or title.
  • import products from Amazon

By importing products from Amazon to Prestashop, you make it easy for connectors to shop comfortably reducing cart abandonment.

Amazon sync marketplace

TheAmazon Sync Marketplace helps by managing the catalog of your orders. Also, it increases the product’s visibility in the marketplace

This module helps to manage the following:

  • publication of the main choice of Amazon marketplace
  • The configuration of reloaded price by manufactures, supply or category
  • account connection
  • Filtering of product publication
  • Price filtering
  • price filtering

You can easily enjoy the addon if only you have the amazon seller account since you can select the products sent using the above filters.

 Amazon connectors module

Amazon Connectors module provides efficient synchronization of orders at both ends from Amazon to Prestashop.  The module is easy to integrate with the store with connector admin.

  • Means of exportation can be selected via UPC or EAN barcode
  • Amazon products can be synchronized in the PrestaShop.
  • The admin can select means of the selected orders.
  • By the use of Amazon module, the admin can select their country in Prestashop.
  • Use the country map in the payment method

Product Importation

  • With combined products, the admin can still import Amazon products without combinations.
  • After importing the combined products, you need to separate them to create a catalog in Prestashop.
  • If the admin imports products fromAmazon with an existing discount, then there will be an added price for that product in Prestashop.
  • In conclusion, buyers can view and purchase products on the Prestashop store and then update the quantity of the products in both ends.


 Social businesstech bundles module

Social businesstech bundles module comes along with 3Facebook modules such -Shop Pro for The Social Network, Wall post, Amazon and PayPal and Connect to Social networks. It helps in saving up to 20% initial cost.


  • Improvement in visibility of social networks
  • Helps to acquire newly registered clients
  • Fast and sufficient support

Social businesstech is the most advanced module that helps upload your product to Google shopping getting new visitors to your online shop.

Mega Menu Amazon style

Helps customers to easily navigate between pages in a friendly way making the store to be functional in modern style Amazon.


  • Possible to use multiple colors for Amazon Prestashop such as font color, menu shadow, categories color, back text colors and many others.
  • Use of predefined styles to attract the customers
  • Possible show or hide of categories images in the second level
  • Easy change of custom links in the level
  • Mobile menu with all works responsive

 Ultimate SEO combination module

With the Amazon’s different types of products. The idea of a FULL URL link was created differently from a variant of a product. The combination is useful in optimizing natural search on all search engines.


  • Excellent visibility in all search engines.
  • Names like Amazon in the group will change on variant on the mouseover
  • Updates of ajax based fast products.
  • To enhance the UI to the product variant, the combination of a group of color will be enabled.
  • For customers to reach the product page quickly, the combination box will be shown under a short description.
  • Optional products variant prices will be shown in the buttons.

This platform gives the best SEO method with the best user interface that is compatible with an optional module that does not support variants.

 Dropdown navigation -zero vertical menu module

The background image for menus is added by ZERO-VERTICAL MEGA MENU also known as Mr. Z which is in the vertical menu in the sidebar of the website. There are types of drop-down contents such as manufactures, custom HTML, products, categories tree and more.

Dropdown features include height, responsive, background image, unlimited menu and menu label.


  • Background color dropdown
  • Image position background
  • Menu label
  • Admin layout
  • Unlimited menu number
  • URL/link menu
  • Menu title

With the set height of all contents that keep the drop-down on the top, the admin can translate and front-end translations using multi-browser compatibility

 Products import +Amazon shopping cart

The module helps you import any products from Amazon with a cart called Aws shopping cart. With the Aws, you earn with Amazon affiliate program which is supported by locales such as, BR, CN, FR, IT, MX, UK, CA, DE, and so on.


  • Various parameters to sort search tools.
  • Navigation tool for Amazon browses nodes.
  • Search products on Amazon prime.
  • Amazon assigns search products.
  • Auto search tool.
  • Search cache results.

If you have an Aws shopping cart on your Prestashop, you can use the Buy Now button for shops with a similar product to replace them. This will generate an affiliate product link and get the earnings on all sessions created by ASIN. (Amazon, eBay, Google, Mirakl integration)

Marketplace feeds are managed by a cloud called that saves expensive subscriptions to a feed aggregator that connects to a Prestashop. The Amazon increases the visibility of your products in the marketplace plays an important role in the marketplace because it centralizes your feeds by redistributing them in the marketplace. It also imports orders in Prestashop, updates status, exports your offers and many other tasks.


This is how simply works;

  • Create a account for free.
  • Install the module and export your products.
  • Configure and then export to eBay Amazon.
  • Since the module is compatible with certain countries, you can choose your target in either of these countries; Australia, South America, North America, Europe or Asia.
  • The choice of categories is made by the marketplace and by country.
  • After the installation is done, the module will connect automatic to your marketplace carrying out all the operation needed by you.
  • Comes with a benefit of the free and unconditional support of 3 months until your products are online in the marketplace.

With module you can manage the marketplace feeds and preserve the performance of your Prestashop. You can also keep control of your feds in the back-office which allows you to configure your feeds as you like.

 FAQ PRODUCT SHEETS- Frequently Asked Questions Module

It is a module allows system users to create a conversation with system top developer


  • It uses optional email accounts about a specific question which allow the users to specify the email account for a response.
  • Each answer is directly attached to a response of an already asked question which is open for view by any of the users or intended the future use of the system with a strong shortcut feature to enable/disable viewing of the FAQ.


  • Asked questions have been allocated a special sheet at a terminal of each module/page. Kudos to the developer for giving users a chance to upgrade the system as need might arise in future.
  • Another best part is that users have an option to select a language to use
  • All questions are validated to post by use of Google captcha security feature. Hence all questions are viable for answering at a shortest due time.

The features are of great essence to system users/customers by ensuring that a given misunderstanding about a product is not left unverified.

 Amazon Report Module

This is an Equipped feature assisting in quick decision making and adjustment of prices on time to avoid loss or miscalculation of monitory value to the business is installed.

This facilitates output of accurate and summarized information about entries made in the system to show market trends at given intervals.


  • Applied to an online system.
  • Summarizes and provides info in the form of reports.

 Social Login Connect

The social Login connect allows either new or internally registered user to create and login into system account via hybrid account based on his/her preference.


  • it uses top social network accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Users configure and customize the user interface based on their preference.
  • Used to evaluate work performance


  • This frees the tiresome account creation at the organization headquarters
  • The module allows 24hrs logging into the system.

 Modules impact

Module Impact is a system vendor use to evaluate the network performance at back office and show which components slows down your site.It has no impact on daily operations of the main system.


  • Checks which of the system components might be taking longer to give a response.
  • Collects data of connected IP addresses, either internally or from system users but with guaranteed confidence in data privacy during data collection since it gives no results to customers.

Optimization of the system can be perfected to show which parts need to be restarted or left as is.

 Mega Menu Builder

Mega Menu Builder facilitates a simpler way of designing the user navigation to avoid loss of track by;

  • Necessitated by introducing Live Edit from drag&drop features, which does both at the same moment to save time as u chose your preference between the three. Hence loading performance is increased.
  • Vertical and horizontal menu to allow user create a site with menus and sub-menus running either horizontally or vertically, or both.
  • Incredibly perfect submenu including:
  • Dropdown submenus tree or hierarchical menus
  • Featured products- increase attention and sales by displaying the goods and their prizes.
  • Tabbed submenus.
  • Links lists
  • Contact form- attaching the contacts on the main menu so as customers have the best attachment to the store.
  • Perfect mobile menu-allow users access all website data on smartphones same as on computers


  • Submenu features
  • Facilitate to create a list of more than sub-menus mentioned above such as HTML content example appending a YouTube video on the web. Also, u can add an image for promotion.
  • Features full list

Adding and managing of mostly used features such as the find/search box, page menu, Manage LIVE EDIT menu, fonts and the sticky menu to position the menu on the desired location of a screen.

 Smart Price- Automatic pricing adjustment

It’s an inter-market price checker and adjustment of related sales items globally. It makes the merchants stay on track with a live competition.

Advantages to sellers

It relieves the price adjustment of related items to make the final price of an item in these ways:

  • When any of costs including tax prize, forwarding cost purchase price, expected commission and target profit are altered, the sales price is automatically adjusted.
  • By comparing global pricing of an item, if the price of the competitor is increased the system increases your selling price in relation to your competitors, and vice versa but with the assurance that u will be blocked to adjust the price to cause a loss.
  • Shows a menu screen to allow merchants see the price adjustments of each item on a list.
  • Identifying other merchants of the same product, if none is found, the price of your item is increased based on the predefined personal smart price settings.

User benefits

  • Fair prices
  • the module gives timely information on market trends.
  • Best price adjustments from merchants.

Smart pricing gives you a platform to call out global customers to your business despite the competitor or geographical distance.

 White computer by Art Vertex Template (iShop)

This is a theme customized for computer and electronics stores with an appealing modern LIVE design compatible with any accessing device. By this theme, you can change the looks to four stylish colors preferences, embed slides, Mega Menu and include product carousels


  •  General features include (PSD files supplied, custom colors, blog system and multiStore ready)
  •  Navigation Features include top, bottom scrolling, List and grid view and Layered navigation
  • Design features include best Effects and Transitions, Custom static content and Custom background
  • Technology. Unlimited Google web fonts
  • Basic features.Photo gallery, newsletter subscription form, product wishlist, product comparison and  contacts form

 Knowband social Login 14 in 1, Statistic & MailChimp module

It is a module that allows users to log into your system via an optional social media account within a list of 14 selected accounts.

Main Benefits

  • Auto validates user email id with your MailChimp email list, view customer list report based on social accounts and some successful logins of a single user.
  • Has the option to place social login buttons anywhere on the website and customize the looks of the website.


  • Multi-option login and email capture.
  • Optional Save and remember passwords for next login password regeneration.

 FAQ USERS Frequently Asked Questions

The main goal of this module is to categorize questions and minimize time taken to look for user questions based on a product, form or a specific store inclusive of these features:-

  • Set FAQs in an easy way- done by defining relevant questions you want to show to the online store with its page accessed via a hyperlink.
  • Increase the SEO of your shop. Including the Search Engine Optimization to produce a question requested.
  • Save time during response because the Asked Question Is directly mapped to a database table with an auto-link to an online form, upon answering you are relieved from posting it back to store.
  • The single shop is answering multi-shop question posting. Asked questions are separately answered from a particular shop based on user expectations.No limit for the number of questions to ask
  • Classification of asked questions in back office
  • Optional display of a Question and it’s As on a single page
  • Single and multi-shop Q&A supported
  • Optional inbox account for response delivery

Q & A with a Response Design Tech. to integrate with vast devices and multiple browsers and delivered with an English documentation

Manage invoices based on sales sources module

This module helps to classify invoices based on the source and payment mode where payment mode can be added after module installation. Whereas, the module cannot be customized after installation

Invoice module helps to improve customer experience, ease of access and confidentiality in payment mode.

Super Top Horizontal Navigation (zero mega menu modules)

The module helps create A horizontal menu on the top of the website with advanced navigation bars where u can add a background image for each menu for both appearances, and communication of selected menu.

Used for navigating on related categories such as home appliances, clothing, and manufacturers.


  • Dropdown menus.
  • Desktop and mobile layout.
  • Full admin and front-end translation.
  • Easy configure and customization.
  • Use of classes (as menus) and objects as (submenus) for the dropdown.
  • Hover effect.

AWS CloudFront/ S3 speed up your + SEO module

 AWS CloudFront module helps to speed up your e-commerce website by:

  • Improving the Search command
  • Quick loading of images
  • user-friendly thereby attracting more viewers, rem time is a resource when fully utilized.


  • Optimize JS files speed with S3 storage.
  • The module Improves response time.
  • Allow use of high-quality images.
  • Minify JS files functionality.
  • Increase website efficiency

 TasteHit: Web and email personalization Module

TasteHit is an algorithm to display sales products to specific users based on the system prediction of what they might buy.

The system keeps an online track of where the visitor/ system user clicks and navigates mostly. This makes the system an option of what the user might check on the next time he/hey account is logged in.

By this programmed system, the user is notified and displayed what option he is likely to be in need of.

Example:  If a user opens the electronic menu, the system adjusts his website to access the electronics menu easily.

This is called a predictive algorithm.

Featured advantages

  • Increase your sales
  • Easy to install
  • Performance tracking and insight. It gives detailed monitoring of system performance and makes the shop more interesting to visitors.
  • Friendly pricing.Prices are based on the number of visitors per month and guarantee the package does not take a commission on the sales from the merchant.

This makes it easier for the customer to go through your products without any difficulties and discover the products that are useful to them. tasteHit automatically sends an email to the customers welcoming them back thus attracting them to spend more time in your shop.

 Invoice reduction according to an amount

The module helps to retain customers and is essential to recover customers marketplace. It also allows you to voucher on invoice orders for the number of orders. Once the voucher is generated, it will appear automatically on the invoice and kept to be used some other time


  • Editing/deleting a voucher
  • Minimizing and maximizing the number of orders
  • Generating vouchers on invoices based on the number of orders

Invoice on vouchers is of great use for improving your sales and attract customers in your marketplace.


Having a store on Prestashop and knowing how to operate it makes you be pro in the marketplace. You can print labels, track packages, and also manage shipments. Being a pro improves customer services and management. ShippyPro odes everything in one platform.


  • Foer orders to be imported in one place, the module can be connected to multiple products.
  • The module supports a multicurrency store.
  • Creating and managing invoices.
  • To know how much the customers owe you, it gives cash on delivery manager.
  • When new orders and feedback arrive, it receives a live notification on your phone or computers.
  • Supports full customers care request.
  • ETD helps to upload and send custom documents electronically without printing papers.
  • Connects CRM integration increasing your sales.
  • The module supports shipping insurance.
  • Supports return labels.

To have better control of the shipping you can track and trace with transactional emails. Customers can also choose the carrier of their choice in the checkout process in the live carriers fair comparison.

 Find EAN13, UPC, Weight, Width, height, and Length

EAN13 is essential for a marketplace in dimensions and weight from the product name or texts. It uses a database to retrieve the product name.


  • Before association, you can see the product page of an EAN13.
  • You can use CRON for a massive association.
  • Databases for various countries are available.
  • You can synchronize with the remote database.
  • You can search the opening of the product page automatically.
  • Check options in configuration on EAN13 automatically.
  • You can find EAN13 code from the product name or other queries

This module supports suggestions of images and prices in a list of also helps retrieve from the product name in the database of marketplaces.

Shopping feeder product feed management

Shopping feeder helps users get many and highly qualified visitors to your online shop; shopping feeder gives you the best results. You only need to connect it to your store which also comes with a free trial of 1 month


  • The module gives you multiple choices of exportation such as; shopmania, Nextag, Facebook dynamic ads, priceCheck and others.
  • To import and export your shopping product, use shopping feeder on channels that have various requirement and specification and track all the clicks, conversion and referrals resulting from product date distribution.
  • Manages feeds of any channel getting a pleasant view of traffic from customers and conversions.

Shopping feeder increases price visibility in a one-click integration and synchronization giving conversions to track clicks.

EAN13 Finder ( UPC) Module

EAN13 code or the UPC is found from the name or text and is essential for shopping. The module uses a database that helps suggest images and price of the product.


  • Search the opening of the product automatically
  • Find the code for the product name
  • Product page of the code appears on Amazon before any associate
  • Gives database of various countries
  • Use remote database to synchronize the module

To integrate with marketplaces, the EAN13 codes are crucial and helps retrieve the product name.

Shipping premium flat rates and discount

Many customers abandon their carts due to a high cost of shipping. With shipping premium, you give customers a discount or free shipping building strong customer loyalty that will encourage them to buy in your store.


  • Use of maximum numbers to configure
  • Configurable shipping cost
  • Reduction of normal shipping cost without premium flat rate
  • Unlimited number of flat rate configuration
  • Configuration of the time of flat rate
  • Translatable text module
  • Web browser compatibility
  • Prestashop cloud compatibility

To create a sustainable relationship with your customer, use a flat rate of from 50% discount of shipping fee. This will build loyalty with the customers and also create a long-term relationship.

Marketplace pro

Market pro is a Prestashop Amazon module helps to develop the marketplace in Prestashop, you can make buyers become sellers. The module boost sale is allowing the vendors to sign and sell their products.


  • Administrator role that manages seller’s products, transactions, shop’s reviews, mail templates and others
  • Seller role that manages to view statistics of sales, duplicate your products, view transaction history, create shop page and more
  • Customer role that views the seller information, seller’s product, list of registered sellers, choose verified sellers, find products and sellers and others
  • Module overview that defines marketplace, description and keywords, members group, revenue sharing ratio, terms and conditions, number of records per page, books content and more

The module helps customers to review and buy products from different suppliers and signing to become sellers.