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Price monitoring website, tool, and software

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A niche like e-commerce needs a constant update, especially in 2020. This update is not only about you, your products, or services. It is also about what others, mainly competitors, offer? Are you offering as good as they do? Are you missing something? Are your prices way higher? Or way below? So, to be able to answer all these questions, you need a price monitoring tool. Getting a price monitoring tool and using it efficiently will definitely boost your business. You can also use these types of software to analyze the prices of the stock you bought. However, here we are mainly interested in e-commerce. A lot of price monitoring sites offer different tools, software, or extensions to their customers. Their working methods and approaches to the development may vary. It wouldn’t be effective to seek all-in-one solutions. Even one customer may need different tools for different projects. Price monitoring tools are no exception. Therefore, if you wonder what price monitoring tool or price monitoring software is and how they are used, you are more than welcome to read the remaining part of this post.

What is a price monitoring

If you have ever browsed shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress, you may notice they offer some promotion from time to time. This suggests that their prices are continually fluctuating. So, if you own a store, those platforms, or have your own e-commerce website, you need to keep pace. For this purpose, price monitoring tools or software are preferred. Mainly, but not limited to, price monitoring sites offer price monitoring systems. If you can’t keep up with the prices, it will not be easy to survive against the giants mentioned above. These tools monitor prices; that is, they deliver you prices of the products you need in a neat format. Mainly, you get a JSON, an Excel file. In such files, you can include all the relevant info, like price, URL of the products, and the URL of the pictures, dimensions, weight, price in other shops (if available), etc. Since each requirement is unique, that price monitoring software is generally developed according to the needs. That is, we can say that each software is client-based. Think about doing this manually. You would need so much time that you can quickly get out of the game. Therefore, using these automated price monitoring systems saves you time. Not only that, if you use it correctly, you will also save money, make a profit, and boom your e-commerce. Since some product prices can vary daily, keeping track of them gives you an advantage over your competitors. You can develop your own market strategy with the actionable insights you get from the “intelligence” you get via parsing tools. By the way, it would not be wrong to call them parsing, or even scraping, tools as well. In reality, they do that tools parse (or gather) all the info you request and deliver them in a more readable format. Online price monitoring sites may even deliver graphic-based results. That way, you may analyze the real-time prices of the products. Using this to your benefit totally depends on you.

Types of price monitoring

In most cases, what you get is either a price monitoring software or a price monitoring extension. However, since your demands may be unique, developers may develop either one for you. Pros and cons of either a software or extension aside, always consider your needs and budget before ordering any. Don’t sacrifice your needs while also don’t exceed your probable budget. If you search enough, you may always find an affordable solution. It is 2020 outside, competition is high, and therefore, one of the scraping services will always provide you what you need for the price you can spare. In most cases, the software can be developed according to your technical specifications. This may not be the case with the extensions. That is because, in most cases, extensions are free to use. Albeit, those extensions may act as the demo from a company that offers fully working software. It is not unusual for companies to do so. There are even some extensions that have only one operation: track discounts for you. Since they compare the prices of the products, we can include them in this category. These discounts can sometimes be in the form of a coupon. Sharing coupons is one of the most common ways e-commerce platforms use to attract customers. 

Why do you need to work with us – our pros

It is estimated that about 2 billion people use e-commerce platforms, and the market is about 3.5 trillion USD. This includes all the B2C and B2B. Therefore, as a company, we believe that entrepreneurs and ordinary buyers may need price tracking software. With that data from the price monitoring software, both can analyze the market and act accordingly. To serve customer needs, our professionals develop software based on your specs. Why is it beneficial for you to work with us? Here are some aspects:

  • We have rich experience as we have been operating since 2009;
  • We don’t outsource. All the available software is proprietary;
  • Customized configuration. Our judgment is that every client has an individual need and therefore needs a personal approach;
  • Our clients need only to deliver a technical specification. They don’t need to be experts; We are the experts and work according to that technical specification;
  • Extract data from the link or either specific or complete categories;
  • Deliver results in a most readable way;
  • Gathering info according to parameters defined by the customer;
  • Delivering result in various formats: XML, CSV, JSON, MS Excel, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL;
  • A scheduler that automatically updates prices;
  • Whenever needed, we use proxies to bypass restrictions;
  • Dedicated managers for your feedback;
  • Competitive prices;
  • And much more;
  • You can receive real-time data with updated prices.

Moreover, we can scrape data from websites that require account authorization. We create an active account if you don’t already have one, opening the doors to those sites. In some cases, you may need to add the shipping price of the product. If that is so, indicate that in your requirement list. The rest is up to us. One other advantage we deliver is that we can gather data from different locations. For instance, we can find the price of the product that is sold on Amazon USA, Amazon India, and so on. To do so, we can even browse non-English sites, which will not be a hustle for us. In fact, we work with Estonian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Taiwanese Hokkien languages. If you need a little more incentive or let’s say assurance, you may take a look at our testimonials page. They will all tell you that we aced in our projects, and they are more than happy to return to us for a new project. Even more, we are pretty sure that you will be so satisfied that you will recommend us to your friends and relatives.

How it works

Every working process has its algorithms or steps to follow. We are not an exception here. Our experience shows us that following predetermined steps to accomplish client orders makes our project successful. We developed simple six steps that are convenient for clients and us as well. You may think of these six steps as the collaboration between the client and us.

  1. Specify your requirements, format of the file you want, together with categories and links.
  2. We prepare a technical specification in accordance with Point 1. At this point, we want to ensure that nothing is left in ambiguity and cooperate in a way that benefits both parties.
  3. Time to make things official. At this stage, you sign the technical specification, and we also sign it. 
  4. Financial stage. You make the payment according to the TS. Let’s remind you that our prices are reasonable.
  5. At this stage, you are engaged with other operations of your own. Be that working on another project, spend quality time with your family, have a short-term holiday. While you do any of that, we work hard and develop your custom-configured software.
  6. Get the final polished result in the format that suits you the most. If there is something you need, you can reach our support 24/7.

That simple. We are not interested in drowning you in bureaucracy. Delivering you the most profitable product and making you a satisfied client is our utmost goal. That way, we earn your trust. Consequently, if you make another order or one of your acquaintances make an order, that is the best advertisement for us. If you think about it, you will get a complete solution, we get a satisfied client, and without spending any advertisement money, we may have other potential customers. All in all, if you need a tool like mentioned above, visit our site, and more than that, you can visit our Ecommerce Web Scraping page to get more insights on e-commerce web scraping.