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Web Scraping :A Gold Mine to Your Business

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Do you want to succeed in your business? If yes, don’t ignore the use of the latest technology to try and get the right information about the market behavior. Today, the world has greatly advanced in technology and everything has become easier.

We have let go of the traditional ways of doing things and even gone ahead to doing business online. What I understand is that the e-commerce businesses are doing even better than the old school businesses. Why is this happening? When you do business online, there are a few expenses that are mainly marketing expenses. Factors like high rent kill so many businesses and working online is the best decision ever.

Web scraping can do wonders for your business. Not only can it crawl to selected websites but also give you relevant information that can help you make crucial decisions. Imagine this; there are thousands and thousands of businesses who have an online presence. There is a humongous amount of raw data floating all over the internet. The data is in the form of images, text, videos, graphics and much more. You can get a clear picture of this when you slow things down inside your mind.

Roughly, there are more than one billion websites with new ones being created daily while others disappear slowly. Every second, there is a tremendous amount of activity online that goes on Do you know there is a way you can use the information that is online to better your business? Yes, you can do all this by using a web scraper tool.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is also known as data mining, screen scraping or data extraction. Web scraping is the harvesting or removal of large amounts of data online from the websites. The data is later saved in the format that the user chooses on a computer, database or spreadsheet.

The web scraping process is automated where it copies selected pages or an entire website and later the data is analyzed at an individual’s own convenience. Any kind of data can be scraped even those that are protected by a password. But how can you use scraped data?

Why is web Scraping Needed?

Lead generation is the key requirement for any online business. If you have an online business, you need to know what people are interested in as well as the discounts to offer so as to attract more customers.

If your business deals with tours and travel, it is important to know people who are interested in traveling as well as the best seasons for travel. Your database also should have a list of all available hotels, the best travel sites and also travel packages to different parts of the world.

 Every online business needs data. The data is required to make every important decision in a business. How do you get all that data?

Numerous businesses are well established. They have usable data in their databases. Unfortunately, the data is only reachable by the users. The data is also bulk and unorganized. You cannot get the data manually by copying pasting. The process would take forever!

If you use a web scraping tool, you can have all the data you need within seconds. There are also some web crawlers in the web scraping tools. The crawlers crawl in the database of websites and save the data in CVS or XML format. The data is later accessed and analyzed.

What are Some of the web Scraping tools?

When you search the web, you will get overwhelmed with the number of web scraping tools available. They range from simple to use to complex and more automated tools. Some Tools are used manually while others are automated.

Also, some web scraping tools are highly powered and go beyond data extraction to automated file filling and also manipulate APIs to enable data transfer between applications.

Web scraping is not only meant for programmers; anyone can do this. Use search engines to search for ‘web scraping consultant.’ You will get several pages of professional assistants.

Why choose a web scraping expert for your business?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to run a big online business? It is always difficult to know what products sell fast and which ones customers prefer most. Due to this reasons, many online businesses fail or make uncontrollable losses. Being par with your competitors is important. To succeed in any business, make sure to understand your customers taste, opinion and choices. How exactly do you do this? Very simple, build a strong data warehouse that will help you analyze information to make the right decisions.

The decisions acquired will help your business;

  1. Attract targeted customers where you know their choices and preferences perfectly.
  2. Improve operational skills by stocking the right products and avoiding stock outs.
  3. Reducing overall costs by stocking appropriately.
  4. Improving the experience by using customer reviews based on their opinions and experiences on social media.

How do you create such an impact with just a data warehouse?

 Consider hiring a web scraping expert to help you gather all the vital information about your competitors.  fingertips is the only way to go!

It is sometimes a pain to get a qualified web scraping expert. You don’t want to spend your cash on a web scraper service provider who will do a bad job for you. Use Google to search for web scraping experts with the best customer reviews.

As much as you want to save, consider hiring a web scraping expert to help you get the right information about your competitors and also enable you to operate for a long period while still maximizing your profits.

Who can Benefit From web Scraping?

Do you own an online business? As the owner of your business, you should be aware who are your targeted customers and also their preferences and tastes.  This is what is called lead generation.

When it comes to online businesses, online marketing is quite different. It deals with customers is made virtually, meaning? You do not get to meet your clients physically unless there is a need to. Mostly, targeted customers are from all over the globe. One major challenge is getting leads to your customers especially when you do it manually.

Today, technology has changed so much, and it complements online marketing. Everyone wants to do business online. To get perfect leads, you need to use web scraping. With this technology, you can get relevant data from various websites and create excellent leads for your business.

New businesses benefit so much from web scraping. They can access information from their competitors and use it to make their businesses better. On the other hand, well-established businesses and companies do not appreciate web scraping since they don’t want their competitors to access their secrets to success.

Web scraping is used by many companies and businesses daily. The ‘stolen information’ is used to implement changes and make new decisions for their well-being. Don’t be left behind, adopt the new technology always to be ahead of the game. Below are ways in which scraped data is used.

Marketing Efforts   

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are doing, the goal of every business is to make profits. It is everybody’s wish that their business succeeds and grows.  Promoting a business online has posed so many challenges. Web scraping can help with this. If you get to know the prices your competitors offer to the market, you can change or implement marketing tips. You can choose to lower the prices of your commodities or even offer big discounts to attract more customers.

Scrape Products and Prices on e-commerce Websites

Web scraping is of great help in e-commerce businesses. You can use the tool to collect pricing information, product description, and images from e-commerce websites. You can later use the information to make major decisions in your business. It has been proven that price optimization can lead to higher profit margins.

Selling your products at a competitive price not only attracts more customers but also increases assistance sales and profits. Web scraping tools are costly used in airlines and e-commerce business to extract prices in real time.

Track Online Presence

Tracking business’s profiles and reviews is another important aspect of web scraping tools. The tool can be used to see the performance of a business or product in the market. The tool can crawl into thousands and thousands of profiles where it can extract information on a company or its products reviews. The information scraped is useful for business and market analysis.

Competitor Analysis

Every business owners understand the need to keep an eye on their close competitors. If competitors beat you in the market, for sure your business will cease to exist. As a business owner, you need to understand the need of competition in a market. It can positively build your business and also bring down your business within seconds. How is this possible?

When businesses compete in a healthy way in the market, they ought to provide quality services to beat their competitors. Also, when competition in the industry is unhealthy, your business will collapse with no time.

Detect Change on Websites

A good web scraping tool can detect the slightest changes on your competitor websites They can detect can alert you immediately when prices change, introduce a new product, publish new articles or anything new.

When you have the slightest changes in your competitor’s businesses on your fingertips, you will survive in the market. You can use the information to implement change that will make your business to flourish.

Professional and Personal Life

Web scraping is not only used to improve business activities. It can also be used for personal and professional purposes. For example, if you are a job seeker, you can use the tool to scrape hundreds of job portals and sites by using keywords and company names.

You can also use the tool for personal purposes. For example, when you want to find the best school or hospital, you can use the tool to do it for you. It will give you a comprehensive report with all the reviews from customers.

Also, you can use the tool to find the best products that are offered at an n affordable price. Imagine this, you are looking for a smartphone, and you have no idea which is the best in the market. You can use a web scraping tool to crawl on online stores to find the product with good customer review and the store that offers at a competitive price.


Imagine this, you need to get data on the website and you do not know where to start from. The job can take you many hours and probably days to finish. But, how accurately will you do the job? Will you manage to go through hundreds and hundreds of websites to get the information needed? To avoid the tedious job, a web scraping tool will do an awesome job for you. You only need to know what information you need and your web scraper will finish the job for you. Even better, it will present the data in a format you are familiar with.

Mydataprovider web scraping Tool

If you are looking for a web scraping tool for your e-commerce business, Mydataprovider is the way to go. It is the answer to all your e-commerce problems. Whether you need data from Amazon, AliExpess, Banggood or SammyDress, Mydataprovider will do wonders.

Not only is Mydataprovider web scraping tool automated but also fast and reliable. You can collect product pricing, description, images and also product availability from these sites and import the data to format you prefer – Excel, JSON, CSV, XML, Web API, PostgreSQL or directly import into CMS.

To make good decisions for your business, it would be nice to use a web scraping tool. This is the only way you can always be ahead of your competitors. Don’t be left behind, let us embrace the new technology.