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Web Scraping – The Answer to Ecommerce businesses

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How can you survive in the online business without knowing how your close competitors are doing and performing? You need a good web scraping App that will help you crawl the competitor’s prices, images, and also product descriptions. Mydataprovider App will help you explore shopping sites to your advantage.

There are many challenges of running an e-commerce store, with the main challenge being the availability of a wide variety of SKUs. There are also a million of products online with different images, pricing information, descriptions, and reviews. Most sellers use their data to fill out their products images and description while others use data that is obtained by web crawling tools.

If you have your online store or you are planning to have one, here are reasons why web scraping is useful in e-commerce

Acquire Competitive Prices

In any business, the price of your products dictates the movement of your products. You need to have competitive prices that will attract more customers. Most e-commerce sellers crawl their competitors’ websites to make sure their prices match or are slightly lower.

Studies reveal that most e-commerce businesses increase their profit margin by 10% when they use price optimizing techniques.

Customer Loyalty

In e-commerce business, there is nothing like customer loyalty. Customers buy from platforms that are cheap and economical. Even if the product price is lower by 1%, customers will prefer buying from a seller who has the lowest price. So as to stay in business, online businesses have made I a habit of crawling into their competitor’s websites to get the latest price changes

Know the well being of the business

To properly know the well-being of your business, you need to crawl your competitors’ websites and get first-hand information about how they are doing.  After doing this, you will know how your products are performing in the market if your promotional efforts are effective and contributing to a positive impact on the sales.

With a web scraping tool, you can crawl into your competitors’ website and extract the customer reviews on their website. Traditionally, the process of collecting reviews was cumbersome since it was done manually, which involved requesting for reviews from customers face to face through organized surveys. With the current technology, we can collect feedback from customers in form of reviews or ratings.

Other than collecting customer reviews of competitors, web scraping can also be used to collect your reviews that that are published on other sites.

E-commerce marketplace has thousands and thousands of products. Relevant information about the product – product name, images, description, categories, pricing should be extracted from the suppliers’ website. Web scraping for e-commerce platforms fills the gap by crawling into the supplier’s website and extracting the products URL and SKUs and any relevant field that is relevant to your product listing.

There are many types of e-commerce web crawling apps that you can use for extracting information from a competitor’s site. Don’t be left behind, maximize the use of these apps for the betterment of your online business.