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What is a web scraping for me?

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I am a CEO of web scraping company.

We delivery web scraping solutions daily for our customers.

Firstly web scraping for me is a business. But I have to say that web scraping is a way I help people to create and fill databases.

And I lucky that I can do these job.

I really like to do web scraping. I a fanatic of this job. And I really want to help people this it.

During last 5 years, I delivered more than 4000 solutions to end customers.

It is the amazing number of projects And me happy that my company is ready to increase the power of our tools for end users.

Why web scraping is important but…

Web scraping is only part of our work. We do extra data processing.

Of course, firstly we do data preparation. Web collect data into databases. Filter it. Combine and merge that it is necessary.

And when data is ready we do data analysis after it.

It is cool. Because end-customers do need a just database with data. They want to do something this it.

Generally, it can be the next:

– analyse,

– import,

– filter.

and we help them to do it.

A lot of tasks were done by us. We are really good in data import. And have special good tools for it.

Data analysis is a specific feature and we also give value in this field for our customers.

so. What I want to say is web scraping is not just data collecting is a bigger thing and for us the main work begins

after data is ready and we have to do something with it.

What is a future of web scraping.

hm. it is a good question. web scraping will be alive all times. I believe in it. it is impossible to do automatic systems for it.

when I look at @full automatic solutions@ I am laughing because so many features are required by customers

and so many requests have to be delivered that only strong developer with good knowledge in this area can do this job.

10 years ago web scraping was another. JavaScript and ajax were not so popular and it was easier to do our job.

for today we have to adjust our code for new technologies.

so due to this facts, the time which we spend on it increased 2 times.

I see that in 5 years general web scraping projects will be doubles again.