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What to do when web scraping is finished

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Imagine that you ordered web scraping And now want to do with the data something. There are several scenarios.

Save to necessary for you format

It can be excel, csv, xml. If you need save data to file you have to describe template of that file, send an example etc.

Save to database (mysql, sqlite etc)

Sometimes you need to save data directly to the database. It can be mysql, sqlite, postgree sql, mssql etc.

If Database is empty

Necessary to describe the structure and a way how to import data.

If Database has already data

You have to describe all from previous point + plus you have to say how to add new and what to do with old items.

Just look at data

Just show results on the screen. Plus if you need we could add filters.


Sometimes it is necessary to analyze extracted data.
if data amount is not big and you may do it quickly it is good
in the other case you have to save data and analyze it for getting a result.