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When web scraping is good for you

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I have to say that web scraping is not so useful especially when you do not have a big amount of data.

Imagine that you need scraping supplier’s website and copy data from it to CSV file. The task is clear but if a supplier has only 100-200 SKU. It is not so big and the preferred way in this scenario will be to do that job manually. But if your SKU (items) are not so easy and have for example variant, bug set of images and features that and 100 SKUs is ok for web scraping.

So there is no one good answer for this question. If you see that time to do it manually is higher than to do it automatically than order web scraper. Remind you that when you order web scraper in a company you have to do that task via severals steps such as:

– technical specification,

– prepayment, or full payment

– testing and delivery

– intro into developed product for it

It takes time and you have to understand it. Remind you that during first real data scraping you will find several bugs which have to be fixed by the developer, so be ready for it.