Why fixed price for web scraping is preferred but

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Fixed price

Fixed price or price for hours. What is preferred for end customer?

When a task is the clear preferred way is price by hours.

But it is really hard to order developing web scraping especially when you order it in unknown for your company the first time.

So 90% new costumers order first scrapers using fixed price.

But you have to understand that when you order scraper using fixed price payment model it means that you pay extra money for developer’s risk.

Ok. The situation is clear here.

But what to do if you need to do a big project?

Hm… if you want to order big project when you have to understand that fixed price is the absolutely wrong way.

You understand that all risks will be on developer side and he will take money in a project.

So hours is preferred here. Why? Because it is cost effective. You order a team and web scraping team works for you, for example, several months.

And it is great!

But you have to understand that this way has to be managed by you or by a guy from your team. Of course, you may take in a team not only developers but and managers from an outsourcing company.