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Aliexpress API via web scraping : alternative access to products data

We develop solutions that our customers can use as the AliExpress API. Сustomized solutions provide alternate access to the AliExpress data.

What is it?

AliExpress api via web scraper grants official access to its data via Web API. Thus, it is possible to automate a number of your eCommerce processes, including the receipt of product information directly from the AliExpress website, its publication on your website, and the management of orders.
Using this technology, your online store will always be up-to-date featuring real-time data from the AliExpress website. The AliExpress API allows for avoiding the purchase of tons of proxies for the AliExpress website scraping.


MyDataProvider eCommerce webscraping service offers a solution that provides all the benefits of the AliExpress API enabling your online store to display the updated prices and quantities.
However, using our online service, our customers get the added value as compared with the AliExpress API:
1. No limitations while the AliExpress API limits the number of requests
2. The product information is extracted with its purchasing options, including various sizes, colors, materials, and price points while the Aliexpress API does not provide product variants
3. Access to any category while the Aliexpress API provides access to a limited list of categories.
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Frequently asked questions.

Does AliExpress provide a dropship API?

The AliExpress membership to its Affiliate API is no longer available. Discover our AliExpress Product Web scraper for data export and import from AliExpress

How to get product description from Aliexpress with API?

Retrieve the AliExpress product information, variants, prices, and availability with the cutting-edge solution developed by MyDataProvider

Is there an AliExpress product web scraper tool that works with any eCommerce platform?

AliExpress Product web scraper, an online service developed and provided by MyDataProvider can be easily and quickly customized to work with any eCommerce platform, including Shopify, Magento, and Opencart. Our team at MyDataProvider is ready to streamline and sync your imports from AliExpress with any of your storefronts.

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