Amazon Crawler

Amazon Crawler is the second part of our Amazon Scraper Software”. It selects urls of products form Amazon web site. It extracts categories one by one. When all categories are finished it begins to search places at categories page where HTML parts of urls ro products exist. Algorithm has to detect products pages right. It is very important part of software because it is necessary to filter products by duplicates & it is necessary to get all products urls. Also when we do Amazon Crawling we have to think about pagination & products combinations because it could contain many interesting information about products urls.

Find here how to setup Amazon crawler:

amazon crawler

Our amazon product crawler works in an independent thread in application and extracts data. When thread will be finished amazon data extractor will be started. Amazon web crawler also could be used in two modes: 1 mode when you need fetch products from 1 category. 2 mode: when you need to extract all products urls from all categories.