Amazon Data Extractor

Main part of software is amazon data extractor. amazon data extractor plays giant part at software. It extract products features & combinations for web. Web scraper takes parts of web html and compares & extracts parts where features placed. It is not so easy to do scraping data from amazon because you have to think about privacy & transparency of when you scrape amazon data. We discovered that the most safest way to scrape product is to run code in the separate thread per every url request. It could be strange but it is the most right way for us because in the other case application hangs up when it is necessary to process big set of data.
Hm, you can tel us that it is really similar to products extraction & we confirm, but what special data can we extract from amazon pages?

We suggest by default the next fields for extraction:

  • URL
  • ASIN
  • Item model number
  • Brand Name
  • Date of Scrape
  • Product Title
  • No of Reviews
  • What star score
  • Is the Description HTML Tagged
  • Does it have A+ Content
  • Are Products linked Category
  • Category Rank
  • SRP appearing on site
  • Selling Price
  • Who has the Buy Box
  • Stock situation of buybox holder
  • No of images
  • No of videos
  • No of options

In your case it can be the other fields.