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Best Shopify Web Scraping Tool: All You Need To Know

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What Is Shopify Web Scraping?

Scraping, or website data extraction, has become an indispensable tool to gather information via extracting it from the sites. Being one of the most popular services online, it has lots of complications as well. One of the main issues is to what extent it’s practical to extract any data manually. Definitely, there are many DIY tips on how you can do it, yet web scraping should be done more professionally if you plan to reach more positive and expected results.

But what’s web scraping in practice? What does it mean? It’s a process of extracting information with the intention to use it for your own purposes, mainly in business. By doing so, you may have quite massive information publicly accessible and easy to integrate. What’s more, this process is great as all of the information acquired is directly formatted to Excel or API. For instance, one of the most common practices is web scraping Amazon. But, what about Shopify web scraping?

shopify scraping

It’s a process of acquiring information from the Shopify site. This is one of the greatest commercial sites with headquarters in Canada. By scraping the Shopify website, you’ll have access to very critical information about the products, prices, clients, etc. The vast information will be accessible to create new opportunities. For example, such information can be great when it comes to comparing prices with competitors.

But why is it a good idea to have Shopify scraping? What can it offer? Is it to have information like that provided by the online price tracker? Or is it something more? First of all, don’t forget that this is an online commercial business with customizable business stores. And these stores employ different services online. They include payments, shipping offers, carts, etc. Moreover, Shopify has an impressive number of clients making it one of the most appealing sites for scraping.

Doing manual scraping of Shopify can be challenging, as it’s about accessing a huge amount of shops online. Since this online platform has lots of stores along with numerous products, gathering information may seem a bit time-consuming and challenging. Moreover, the process should be performed with precision and quality. But in case you have gathered the needed information, you’ll benefit from the product list, descriptions, prices, possible clients, and so on.

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Is scraping Shopify legal?

Actually, web scraping of Shopify isn’t illegal by itself. However, doing it would be hard as the site complicates the process of scraping. Since much information is publicly available, there is no problem related to the legal side. It’s more about doing this more efficiently and professionally. One of the main consequences can be a ban on your IP address.

Since some court decisions made on this issue, many sites like Shopify has made it more challenging to access massive data at once. Thus, it has become inevitable to employ some software and programming languages to create web scraping services for Shopify and other commercial sites.

Consequently, the question is more how you will do scraping of Shopify. There are many tips for making scraping more efficient. For example, one of the most known ones is about simulating human behavior. As the site’s security spots suspicious behavior and understands when bots collect the information. So, Shopify simply limits their action or just bans an IP address.

Having crawlers of better quality that provide more professional services. Services of crawlers are considered to be one of the most efficient ways of extracting data from commercial sites. Moreover, another trick can be setting a referrer that makes the process look more authentic and avoid being blocked.

Shopify scraping policy

Unless the information you scrape isn’t copyrighted or intellectual property, you’re free to scrape the site. All information that is publicly available is free to be scraped. However, it’s up to the site to protect and take measures against such practices as in its privacy policy the site ensures the safety of the information.

It’s normal practice that people prefer exporting data from Shopify. Mainly, it’s done to have synchronization with the destination shop and the one on the site of Shopify. The other reason is moving from Shopify to another platform. So, the site accepts such information flow and extraction provided there are no violations of private information not to be shared.

shopify scraping ToS

So, when extracting the information, be sure you are careful as extracting information may entail fines in case of violation of privacy policy. However, if you want to have a smart scraping of Shopify, don’t forget to change your proxy. Rotating your IP addresses gives a sense of accessing the site from different areas making it less suspicious and evident on the site.

Don’t simply copy the product description, as you may be tagged as a duplicate, which will make all your efforts be in vain. Finally, when scraping, don’t forget to log out. If you don’t do so, your account on the site will be closed or blacklisted. As you see the process of Shopify scraping isn’t easy at all. The more careful and professional approach you’ll choose, the more efficiently your task will be done.

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