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eBay Scraping: Challenges, Nuances, And Possible Solutions

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What Is eBay Scraping?

Website data scraping is the process of acquiring information in large amounts for various purposes. This allows to access amount information with the automated system with more conventional tools. So, web scraping eBay is a process of such information extraction. eBay is one of the largest commercial sites offering many products.

ebay scraping 

There are also other cases of extracting data such as scraping Shopify website or using the Amazon scraping tool. But what makes eBay scraping so appealing? If put simply, the process of acquiring information is considered one of the best ways to promote or expand your own business. When people choose web scraping software for eBay, they have a particular purpose that may enhance their business strategies. With web scraping, you can access the following pieces of information available on the site:

– The list of products on eBay: in the world of business and online trading, it becomes harder and harder to keep up with other competitors, and accessing the full list of products of your competitors is a great start.

– eBay web scraping is great for accessing reviews of the products: first of all, with web scraping tools, you can access the reviews of your own products being sold on eBay. Here, you can assess how content your customers are. The next possible solution of such scraping is to access the reviews of competitors’ products so that you can compare your products and see what should be improved.

– Scraping prices of the products sold on eBay: promoting your products is important, and thus to come up with an efficient price strategy is critical as well. So, it would be a great start to have information about competitor products’ price policy.

– Scraping customer’s profiles and seller’s information: it sounds a bit sensitive as eBay is not great when it comes to sharing personal information, and scraping such information can be subject to fines and related penalties. However, with more efficient scraping tools, you can still extract this data.

– Shipping and manufacture details can be scraped as well: when you look at a product, you can spot detailed information about how and where that product has been manufactured. Moreover, you can find lots of information about shipping like costs, destinations, and so on. All this information is subject to scraping.

Is eBay scraping legal?

Like scraping other sites, eBay is also the subject of debate. So, it’s important to understand what exactly is allowed to be accessed. eBay once was a spotlight regarding the issues of web scraping leading to great controversies regarding whether scraping is a legal or illicit act of getting information.

For now, it’s clear that web scraping allowed with stipulated conditions. In short, you can benefit from scraping the information that is publicly available to make information conveniently accessible. For example, extracting the data of the product list is allowed as it’s publicly accessible to everyone. However, what is categorized as copyright, intellectual property, or private information, is considered illegal to extract from the site. However, since it’s hard to control every activity online, eBay has made it more difficult for others to extract their information. Why is it so? Have a look at the following:

– The site has made all attempts to make scraping a bit complicated. Given the complex algorithms used online, crawler’s activities are simply banned to access the site. Moreover, these algorithms make it harder for conventional crawlers to gather data from the site.

– For now, not all conventional web scraping tools can be activated on the site. eBay has made it possible to detect bot activities online. So, only those with more advanced features can make scraping on eBay more efficient and faster.

– Use of CAPTCHA has contributed to the challenges of scraping eBay. Such a measure of CAPTCHA allows differentiating human and bot behavior. Again, the conventional software will fail in having more efficient scraping of the site.

– What’s more, the constant flow and increase of information on eBay make the site really hard for scraping. Thus, only great scraping tools can manage such an enormous flow of information online.

eBay scraping policy

ebay scraping policy

As eBay is one of those so-called victims of scraping, it treats scraping more negatively. Of course, it’s more flexible when it comes to the information publicly available. However, much emphasis is given on the protection of personal information of the customers and sellers. However, why will you want to benefit from scraping eBay?

– Scraping allows you to analyze your and other products: this is what eBay allows. So, accessing this information, you simply may analyze how promoting the proceeds of your products 

– Scraping can help with understanding and forecasting further market changes and trends and can be used as price tracking tools. By accessing review, for example, you may observe their inclinations and come up with a better approach. This is also allowed by eBay.

– Scraping helps you keep track of your own products: when you’re a seller on eBay, seeing and assessing the information related to your business is allowed to be accessed. With this information, you can understand how successfully you proceed with your business.

 Why MyDataProvider may be your best choice

To understand why you need our service, it’s important to understand how scraping should be performed on eBay. For example, you can come across the following tips on efficient tips on how to make scraping more efficient:

– using several proxies to make your activities less obvious and suspicious, as this may help you send many requests

– knowing what kind of information you need to extract, as scraping the whole site won’t be pragmatic at all.

– employing more private proxies, as such proxies are faster and less detectable, and thus, making scraping more efficient.

– emulating human behavior, as this makes scraping look more natural and less suspicious so that you won’t be banned.

Actually, there are many techniques you can employ, but with MyDataProvider your job of scraping gets faster without a need for your interference. Trust your job to a professional team of web scraping.


If you’re planning to expand your business, scraping eBay can be a great solution where you can benefit from lots of information accessible. With the scraping service of our team, scraping is made simpler, faster, and more convenient.