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Learn More About Cloning A Shopify Store

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How To Clone Shopify Store?

Why not expand your business brand with a web scraping tool for or by duplicating your Shopify store? Actually, there are quite many apps and ways to do so. But when it comes to doing it on your own, you might have some difficulties. So, no matter whether you need scraping for price monitoring of website or copying the store, you can do it manually or with software. When it comes to cloning the store, in general, there are two main challenges you can face if you think about cloning your store.
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Best Shopify Web Scraping Tool: All You Need To Know

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What Is Shopify Web Scraping?

Scraping, or website data extraction, has become an indispensable tool to gather information via extracting it from the sites. Being one of the most popular services online, it has lots of complications as well. One of the main issues is to what extent it’s practical to extract any data manually. Definitely, there are many DIY tips on how you can do it, yet web scraping should be done more professionally if you plan to reach more positive and expected results.
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Best Amazon Web Scraping Tool: Mission Possible With MyDataProvider

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What Is Amazon Scraping?

Web scraping is about gathering and extracting massive information from various sites for various purposes, mainly for business. Formatting it into spreadsheets or Excel files. Thus, Amazon scraping is the process of extracting such information from the site.  But why is it a good idea to scrape this site? It’s all about the priceless data you’ll get by doing so. Some would love to have scraping Amazon reviews or product descriptions. No matter what your purpose can be, you’ll find something valuable for sure.
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Price monitoring website, tool, and software

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A niche like e-commerce needs a constant update, especially in 2020. This update is not only about you, your products, or services. It is also about what others, mainly competitors, offer? Are you offering as good as they do? Are you missing something? Are your prices way higher? Or way below? So, to be able to answer all these questions, you need a price monitoring tool. Getting a price monitoring tool and using it efficiently will definitely boost your business. You can also use these types of software to analyze the prices of the stock you bought. However, here we are mainly interested in e-commerce. A lot of price monitoring sites offer different tools, software, or extensions to their customers. Their working methods and approaches to the development may vary. It wouldn’t be effective to seek all-in-one solutions. Even one customer may need different tools for different projects. Price monitoring tools are no exception. Therefore, if you wonder what price monitoring tool or price monitoring software is and how they are used, you are more than welcome to read the remaining part of this post.
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Proxy servers and top 10 proxy software

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What is a proxy server?

While surfing online, some users seek anonymity, while others may need privacy. These two needs are not identical yet similar. Moreover, some tools can meet these needs. One of them, maybe even the most common, is a proxy server. Proxy servers have different functions, and a lot of internet users benefit from using them. For instance, in some countries, developers build proxies to watch videos on YouTube, meaning proxies are essential. So, let’s talk about what they are and what are the best proxy servers.
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CAPTCHA – A problem or a solution

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What is CAPTCHA?
It is doubtful that there exists an internet user who has never faced a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). Many internet users face those riddle type quizzes and do not realize that they are called this way. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a kind of automated test that should set apart robots (or bots in fact) and humans. Most users face it when registering a new account on different websites. One other specific case is whenever you use a VPN. Since many users use IP in a VPN at the same time, websites might take it as though a lot of people are trying to access the site from the same address.
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