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ShopMaster alternative – Use MyDataProvider for products Sync

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ShopMaster alternative is a big problem for a lot of dropshippers!

ShopMaster will be shut down on 30th April 2021, you can still use the auto-order feature until 9th April and publish products until 30th April

Official post at ShopMaster about shutdown,
more details find by url:

MyDataProvider is a competitor service for ShopMaster and we offer ShopMaster alternative for our clients!
If you need to sync your products from any site – contact our sales and we will offer the best option how to do that using our services.

As we know ShopMaster offered a lot of sources for products with + orders update.
The most popular source is BANGGOOD API. MyDataProvider has own integration with bangood API.
find more about banggood dropshipping here

Find more about how to setup custom margin for your products using MyDataProvider Web Scraper Tool here

Video demo for banggod API + prestashop (as a alternative for ShopMaster)

the same can be done for SHOPIFY or any other cms we support, find more here

Banggood Prestashop