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00000_AllInOne_json.zip1.13 Mb
00002_Baby Girl 0-24M_Clearance_excel.xlsx9.83 Kb
00003_Baby Girl 0-24M_Shorts & Skirts_excel.xlsx13.89 Kb
00005_Baby Girl 0-24M_Sets_Pant Sets_excel.xlsx88.59 Kb
00006_Baby Girl 0-24M_Sets_Layering Sets_excel.xlsx23.28 Kb
00007_Baby Girl 0-24M_Sets_Gift Sets (NB-9M)_excel.xlsx9.5 Kb
00008_Baby Girl 0-24M_Sets_Dress and Cardigan Sets_excel.xlsx8.46 Kb
00009_Baby Girl 0-24M_Sets_Overall Sets_excel.xlsx16.03 Kb
00010_Baby Girl 0-24M_Sets_Sleep and Play NB-9M_excel.xlsx5.35 Kb
00011_Baby Girl 0-24M_Sets_Dress and Legging Sets_excel.xlsx5.83 Kb
00014_Baby Girl 0-24M_One Piece_Rompers_excel.xlsx35.49 Kb
00015_Baby Girl 0-24M_One Piece_Jumpsuits_excel.xlsx21.43 Kb
00016_Baby Girl 0-24M_One Piece_Sleep and Play NB-9M_excel.xlsx28.37 Kb
00018_Baby Girl 0-24M_Graphic Tees & Bodysuits_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx28.27 Kb
00019_Baby Girl 0-24M_Graphic Tees & Bodysuits_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx7.81 Kb
00020_Baby Girl 0-24M_Graphic Tees & Bodysuits_Slogan and Graphic_539626446_excel.xlsx30.72 Kb
00022_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bodysuits_Multi-pack_excel.xlsx31.72 Kb
00023_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bodysuits_Fashion Bodysuits_excel.xlsx9.53 Kb
00024_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bodysuits_Slogan and Graphic_excel.xlsx11.5 Kb
00026_Baby Girl 0-24M_Tops_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx61.28 Kb
00027_Baby Girl 0-24M_Tops_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx52.62 Kb
00028_Baby Girl 0-24M_Tops_Tanks_excel.xlsx10.75 Kb
00031_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bottoms_Skirts_excel.xlsx21.36 Kb
00032_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bottoms_Leggings_excel.xlsx21.36 Kb
00033_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bottoms_Pants_excel.xlsx21.37 Kb
00034_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bottoms_Jeans_excel.xlsx21.37 Kb
00035_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bottoms_Shorts_excel.xlsx21.36 Kb
00036_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bottoms_2pk Bottoms_excel.xlsx21.36 Kb
00039_Baby Girl 0-24M_Dresses_Dress and Legging Sets_excel.xlsx5.84 Kb
00042_Baby Girl 0-24M_Sweaters & Layering_Sweaters and Cardigans_excel.xlsx14.15 Kb
00043_Baby Girl 0-24M_Sweaters & Layering_Hoodies_excel.xlsx14.31 Kb
00046_Baby Girl 0-24M_Jackets & Outerwear_Bunting_excel.xlsx6.68 Kb
00047_Baby Girl 0-24M_Jackets & Outerwear_Lightweight_excel.xlsx8.69 Kb
00048_Baby Girl 0-24M_Jackets & Outerwear_Rain_excel.xlsx6.06 Kb
00049_Baby Girl 0-24M_Jackets & Outerwear_Heavyweight_excel.xlsx7.74 Kb
00051_Baby Girl 0-24M_Pajamas_1-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx21.68 Kb
00052_Baby Girl 0-24M_Pajamas_2-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx10.44 Kb
00053_Baby Girl 0-24M_Pajamas_3-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx6.87 Kb
00054_Baby Girl 0-24M_Pajamas_4-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx20.05 Kb
00055_Baby Girl 0-24M_Pajamas_Sleep and Play NB-9M_excel.xlsx31.76 Kb
00056_Baby Girl 0-24M_Pajamas_Sleepbags and Gowns_excel.xlsx6.07 Kb
00058_Baby Girl 0-24M_Swimwear_Sunglasses_excel.xlsx5.43 Kb
00059_Baby Girl 0-24M_Swimwear_Cover-Ups_excel.xlsx5.96 Kb
00060_Baby Girl 0-24M_Swimwear_1-Piece_excel.xlsx6.42 Kb
00061_Baby Girl 0-24M_Swimwear_2-Piece_excel.xlsx8.51 Kb
00063_Baby Girl 0-24M_Shoes_Every Step_excel.xlsx12.15 Kb
00064_Baby Girl 0-24M_Shoes_Flip Flops_excel.xlsx11.09 Kb
00065_Baby Girl 0-24M_Shoes_Casual_excel.xlsx51.43 Kb
00066_Baby Girl 0-24M_Shoes_Athletic_excel.xlsx11.97 Kb
00067_Baby Girl 0-24M_Shoes_Dress_excel.xlsx7.79 Kb
00068_Baby Girl 0-24M_Shoes_Boots_excel.xlsx14.79 Kb
00073_Baby Girl 0-24M_Accessories_Socks and Booties_excel.xlsx11.23 Kb
00074_Baby Girl 0-24M_Accessories_Tights_excel.xlsx5.66 Kb
00075_Baby Girl 0-24M_Accessories_Hair_excel.xlsx6.87 Kb
00076_Baby Girl 0-24M_Accessories_Hats_excel.xlsx10.05 Kb
00077_Baby Girl 0-24M_Accessories_Sunglasses_excel.xlsx6.74 Kb
00078_Baby Girl 0-24M_Accessories_Stroller Accessories_excel.xlsx6 Kb
00079_Baby Girl 0-24M_Accessories_Travel Accessories_excel.xlsx8.67 Kb
00080_Baby Girl 0-24M_Accessories_Diaper Bag Accessories_excel.xlsx8.04 Kb
00082_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bibs & Burp Cloths_Bibs_excel.xlsx8.82 Kb
00084_Baby Girl 0-24M_Blankets_Blankets_excel.xlsx6.01 Kb
00087_Baby Girl 0-24M_Toys & Gifts_Activity Toys_excel.xlsx18.01 Kb
00088_Baby Girl 0-24M_Bath Time_excel.xlsx24.24 Kb
00090_Baby Boy 0-24M_Clearance_excel.xlsx18.7 Kb
00091_Baby Boy 0-24M_Shorts_excel.xlsx20.5 Kb
00093_Baby Boy 0-24M_Sets_Short Sets_excel.xlsx31.03 Kb
00094_Baby Boy 0-24M_Sets_Pant Sets_excel.xlsx87.31 Kb
00095_Baby Boy 0-24M_Sets_Layering Sets_excel.xlsx26.91 Kb
00096_Baby Boy 0-24M_Sets_Gift Sets (NB-9M)_excel.xlsx10.63 Kb
00097_Baby Boy 0-24M_Sets_Overall Sets_excel.xlsx16.58 Kb
00100_Baby Boy 0-24M_One Piece_Rompers_excel.xlsx41.04 Kb
00101_Baby Boy 0-24M_One Piece_Jumpsuits_excel.xlsx23.04 Kb
00102_Baby Boy 0-24M_One Piece_Sleep and Play NB-9M_excel.xlsx30.24 Kb
00105_Baby Boy 0-24M_Graphic Tees & Bodysuits_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx19.1 Kb
00106_Baby Boy 0-24M_Graphic Tees & Bodysuits_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx22.23 Kb
00107_Baby Boy 0-24M_Graphic Tees & Bodysuits_Slogan and Graphic_excel.xlsx35.05 Kb
00109_Baby Boy 0-24M_Bodysuits_Multi-pack_excel.xlsx34.18 Kb
00110_Baby Boy 0-24M_Bodysuits_Fashion Bodysuits_excel.xlsx15.01 Kb
00111_Baby Boy 0-24M_Bodysuits_Slogan and Graphic_excel.xlsx8.23 Kb
00114_Baby Boy 0-24M_Tops_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx33.37 Kb
00115_Baby Boy 0-24M_Tops_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx26.62 Kb
00116_Baby Boy 0-24M_Tops_Tanks_excel.xlsx5.47 Kb
00117_Baby Boy 0-24M_Tops_Fashion Bodysuits_excel.xlsx7.59 Kb
00120_Baby Boy 0-24M_Bottoms_Pants_excel.xlsx19.65 Kb
00121_Baby Boy 0-24M_Bottoms_Jeans_excel.xlsx19.66 Kb
00122_Baby Boy 0-24M_Bottoms_Overalls_excel.xlsx19.66 Kb
00123_Baby Boy 0-24M_Bottoms_Shorts_excel.xlsx19.65 Kb
00124_Baby Boy 0-24M_Bottoms_2pk Bottoms_excel.xlsx19.66 Kb
00126_Baby Boy 0-24M_Sweaters & Layering_Sweaters and Cardigans_excel.xlsx9.24 Kb
00127_Baby Boy 0-24M_Sweaters & Layering_Hoodies_excel.xlsx20.78 Kb
00128_Baby Boy 0-24M_Sweaters & Layering_Sweatshirts and Pullovers_-410043833_excel.xlsx14.66 Kb
00131_Baby Boy 0-24M_Jackets & Outerwear_Bunting_excel.xlsx6.36 Kb
00132_Baby Boy 0-24M_Jackets & Outerwear_Lightweight_excel.xlsx7.59 Kb
00133_Baby Boy 0-24M_Jackets & Outerwear_Rain_excel.xlsx6.05 Kb
00136_Baby Boy 0-24M_Pajamas_1-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx21.93 Kb
00137_Baby Boy 0-24M_Pajamas_2-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx15.05 Kb
00138_Baby Boy 0-24M_Pajamas_3-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx6.74 Kb
00139_Baby Boy 0-24M_Pajamas_4-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx19.72 Kb
00140_Baby Boy 0-24M_Pajamas_Sleep and Play NB-9M_excel.xlsx28.44 Kb
00141_Baby Boy 0-24M_Pajamas_Sleepbags and Gowns_excel.xlsx6.04 Kb
00143_Baby Boy 0-24M_Swimwear_Rash Guards_excel.xlsx17.93 Kb
00144_Baby Boy 0-24M_Swimwear_Trunks_excel.xlsx10.85 Kb
00147_Baby Boy 0-24M_Shoes_Every Step_excel.xlsx9.7 Kb
00148_Baby Boy 0-24M_Shoes_Flip Flops_excel.xlsx11.09 Kb
00149_Baby Boy 0-24M_Shoes_Sandals_excel.xlsx32.51 Kb
00150_Baby Boy 0-24M_Shoes_Casual_excel.xlsx41.21 Kb
00151_Baby Boy 0-24M_Shoes_Athletic_excel.xlsx19.68 Kb
00152_Baby Boy 0-24M_Shoes_Dress_excel.xlsx7.31 Kb
00157_Baby Boy 0-24M_Accessories_Hats_excel.xlsx9.23 Kb
00159_Baby Boy 0-24M_Accessories_Stroller Accessories_excel.xlsx6 Kb
00160_Baby Boy 0-24M_Accessories_Travel Accessories_excel.xlsx8.67 Kb
00161_Baby Boy 0-24M_Accessories_Diaper Bag Accessories_excel.xlsx8.04 Kb
00163_Baby Boy 0-24M_Bibs & Burp Cloths_Bibs_excel.xlsx8.1 Kb
00164_Baby Boy 0-24M_Blankets_excel.xlsx5.63 Kb
00166_Baby Boy 0-24M_Toys & Gifts_Activity Toys_excel.xlsx18.31 Kb
00167_Baby Boy 0-24M_Bath Time_excel.xlsx25.05 Kb
00169_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Clearance_excel.xlsx16.39 Kb
00170_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Shorts & Skirts_excel.xlsx15.39 Kb
00172_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Sets_Pant Sets_excel.xlsx23.99 Kb
00174_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Graphic Tees_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx20.86 Kb
00175_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Graphic Tees_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx6.33 Kb
00177_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Tops_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx39.23 Kb
00178_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Tops_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx42.72 Kb
00179_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Tops_Tanks_excel.xlsx16.62 Kb
00181_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Bottoms_Skirts_excel.xlsx16.04 Kb
00182_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Bottoms_Leggings_excel.xlsx16.04 Kb
00183_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Bottoms_Pants_excel.xlsx16.04 Kb
00184_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Bottoms_Jeans_excel.xlsx16.04 Kb
00185_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Bottoms_Shorts_excel.xlsx16.04 Kb
00187_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Dresses_Dresses_excel.xlsx49.05 Kb
00189_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Sweaters & Layering_Sweaters and Cardigans_2125440605_excel.xlsx7.15 Kb
00190_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Sweaters & Layering_Hoodies_excel.xlsx5.87 Kb
00192_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Jackets & Outerwear_Lightweight_excel.xlsx8.66 Kb
00193_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Jackets & Outerwear_Rain_excel.xlsx6.04 Kb
00194_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Jackets & Outerwear_Heavyweight_excel.xlsx6.72 Kb
00196_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Pajamas_1-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx26.37 Kb
00197_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Pajamas_2-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx11.82 Kb
00198_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Pajamas_3-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx11.32 Kb
00199_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Pajamas_4-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx14.4 Kb
00200_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Pajamas_Gowns_excel.xlsx16.75 Kb
00202_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Swimwear_Sunglasses_excel.xlsx6.03 Kb
00203_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Swimwear_Cover-Ups_excel.xlsx5.32 Kb
00207_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Shoes_Flip Flops_excel.xlsx11.1 Kb
00208_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Shoes_Sandals_excel.xlsx62.22 Kb
00209_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Shoes_Casual_excel.xlsx47.49 Kb
00210_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Shoes_Athletic_excel.xlsx11.7 Kb
00211_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Shoes_Dress_excel.xlsx7.42 Kb
00212_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Shoes_Boots_excel.xlsx14.81 Kb
00215_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Accessories_Hair_excel.xlsx6.12 Kb
00217_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Accessories_Sunglasses_excel.xlsx6.81 Kb
00218_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Accessories_Jewelry_excel.xlsx5.85 Kb
00219_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Underwear_excel.xlsx22.9 Kb
00222_Toddler Girl 2-5Y_Toys & Gifts_Activity Toys_excel.xlsx6.69 Kb
00224_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Clearance_excel.xlsx17.98 Kb
00225_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Shorts_excel.xlsx16.55 Kb
00227_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Sets_Short Sets_excel.xlsx8.84 Kb
00228_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Sets_Pant Sets_excel.xlsx15.18 Kb
00230_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Graphic Tees_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx11.1 Kb
00231_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Graphic Tees_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx17.97 Kb
00233_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Tops_Polos_excel.xlsx5.37 Kb
00234_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Tops_Button-Front Shirts_excel.xlsx7.59 Kb
00235_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Tops_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx20.22 Kb
00236_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Tops_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx26.75 Kb
00237_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Tops_Tanks_excel.xlsx6.35 Kb
00239_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Bottoms_Pants_excel.xlsx16.3 Kb
00240_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Bottoms_Jeans_excel.xlsx16.3 Kb
00241_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Bottoms_Shorts_excel.xlsx16.3 Kb
00244_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Sweaters & Layering_Hoodies_excel.xlsx13.41 Kb
00245_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Sweaters & Layering_Sweatshirts and Pullovers_-1349477998_excel.xlsx8.99 Kb
00248_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Jackets & Outerwear_Lightweight_excel.xlsx7.22 Kb
00249_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Jackets & Outerwear_Rain_excel.xlsx6.06 Kb
00251_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Pajamas_1-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx26.6 Kb
00252_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Pajamas_2-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx9.81 Kb
00253_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Pajamas_3-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx11.32 Kb
00254_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Pajamas_4-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx14.55 Kb
00257_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Swimwear_Rash Guards_excel.xlsx7.82 Kb
00258_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Swimwear_Trunks_excel.xlsx6.89 Kb
00260_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Shoes_Flip Flops_excel.xlsx11.1 Kb
00261_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Shoes_Sandals_excel.xlsx32.36 Kb
00262_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Shoes_Casual_excel.xlsx39.85 Kb
00263_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Shoes_Athletic_excel.xlsx18.71 Kb
00264_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Shoes_Dress_excel.xlsx7.32 Kb
00268_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Accessories_Sunglasses_excel.xlsx5.62 Kb
00271_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Underwear_excel.xlsx23.9 Kb
00273_Toddler Boy 2-5Y_Toys & Gifts_Activity Toys_excel.xlsx6.69 Kb
00275_Girl 4-8Y_Clearance_excel.xlsx19.48 Kb
00276_Girl 4-8Y_Shorts_excel.xlsx18.01 Kb
00277_Girl 4-8Y_Sets_excel.xlsx22.54 Kb
00279_Girl 4-8Y_Graphic Tees_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx18.79 Kb
00280_Girl 4-8Y_Graphic Tees_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx8.97 Kb
00282_Girl 4-8Y_Tops_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx46.32 Kb
00283_Girl 4-8Y_Tops_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx68.94 Kb
00284_Girl 4-8Y_Tops_Tanks_excel.xlsx24.09 Kb
00286_Girl 4-8Y_Bottoms_Skirts_excel.xlsx19.82 Kb
00287_Girl 4-8Y_Bottoms_Leggings_excel.xlsx19.81 Kb
00288_Girl 4-8Y_Bottoms_Pants_excel.xlsx19.82 Kb
00289_Girl 4-8Y_Bottoms_Jeans_excel.xlsx19.82 Kb
00290_Girl 4-8Y_Bottoms_Shorts_excel.xlsx19.82 Kb
00293_Girl 4-8Y_Dresses_Dresses_excel.xlsx57.16 Kb
00295_Girl 4-8Y_Sweaters & Layering_Sweaters and Cardigans_excel.xlsx7.71 Kb
00296_Girl 4-8Y_Sweaters & Layering_Hoodies_excel.xlsx8.27 Kb
00297_Girl 4-8Y_Sweaters & Layering_Sweatshirts and Pullovers_excel.xlsx6.38 Kb
00299_Girl 4-8Y_Jackets & Outerwear_Lightweight_excel.xlsx8.72 Kb
00300_Girl 4-8Y_Jackets & Outerwear_Rain_excel.xlsx6.75 Kb
00301_Girl 4-8Y_Jackets & Outerwear_Heavyweight_excel.xlsx6.85 Kb
00303_Girl 4-8Y_Pajamas_2-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx7.57 Kb
00304_Girl 4-8Y_Pajamas_3-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx14.8 Kb
00305_Girl 4-8Y_Pajamas_4-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx23.06 Kb
00306_Girl 4-8Y_Pajamas_Gowns_excel.xlsx16.74 Kb
00308_Girl 4-8Y_Swimwear_Sunglasses_excel.xlsx6.04 Kb
00309_Girl 4-8Y_Swimwear_Cover-Ups_excel.xlsx5.69 Kb
00310_Girl 4-8Y_Swimwear_1-Piece_excel.xlsx6.81 Kb
00311_Girl 4-8Y_Swimwear_2-Piece_excel.xlsx6.16 Kb
00313_Girl 4-8Y_Shoes_Flip Flops_excel.xlsx11.09 Kb
00314_Girl 4-8Y_Shoes_Sandals_excel.xlsx61.16 Kb
00315_Girl 4-8Y_Shoes_Casual_excel.xlsx49.74 Kb
00316_Girl 4-8Y_Shoes_Athletic_excel.xlsx11.69 Kb
00317_Girl 4-8Y_Shoes_Dress_excel.xlsx7.43 Kb
00318_Girl 4-8Y_Shoes_Boots_excel.xlsx14.81 Kb
00321_Girl 4-8Y_Accessories_Socks and Booties_excel.xlsx8.5 Kb
00323_Girl 4-8Y_Accessories_Hair_excel.xlsx6.11 Kb
00325_Girl 4-8Y_Accessories_Sunglasses_excel.xlsx6.81 Kb
00326_Girl 4-8Y_Accessories_Jewelry_excel.xlsx5.58 Kb
00327_Girl 4-8Y_Underwear_excel.xlsx23.15 Kb
00329_Boy 4-8Y_Clearance_excel.xlsx19.41 Kb
00330_Boy 4-8Y_Shorts_excel.xlsx21.08 Kb
00331_Boy 4-8Y_Sets_excel.xlsx13.25 Kb
00333_Boy 4-8Y_Graphic Tees_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx19.89 Kb
00334_Boy 4-8Y_Graphic Tees_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx26.19 Kb
00336_Boy 4-8Y_Tops_Polos_excel.xlsx15.57 Kb
00337_Boy 4-8Y_Tops_Button-Front Shirts_excel.xlsx7.21 Kb
00338_Boy 4-8Y_Tops_Long-Sleeve_excel.xlsx31.57 Kb
00339_Boy 4-8Y_Tops_Short-Sleeve_excel.xlsx39.97 Kb
00340_Boy 4-8Y_Tops_Tanks_excel.xlsx8.91 Kb
00342_Boy 4-8Y_Bottoms_Pants_excel.xlsx20.17 Kb
00343_Boy 4-8Y_Bottoms_Jeans_excel.xlsx20.17 Kb
00344_Boy 4-8Y_Bottoms_Shorts_excel.xlsx20.17 Kb
00346_Boy 4-8Y_Sweaters & Layering_Sweaters and Cardigans_excel.xlsx6.05 Kb
00347_Boy 4-8Y_Sweaters & Layering_Hoodies_excel.xlsx14.46 Kb
00348_Boy 4-8Y_Sweaters & Layering_Sweatshirts and Pullovers_excel.xlsx11.05 Kb
00351_Boy 4-8Y_Jackets & Outerwear_Lightweight_excel.xlsx8.33 Kb
00352_Boy 4-8Y_Jackets & Outerwear_Rain_excel.xlsx6.75 Kb
00356_Boy 4-8Y_Pajamas_2-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx9.68 Kb
00357_Boy 4-8Y_Pajamas_3-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx15.06 Kb
00358_Boy 4-8Y_Pajamas_4-Piece PJs_excel.xlsx19.13 Kb
00361_Boy 4-8Y_Swimwear_Rash Guards_excel.xlsx9.46 Kb
00362_Boy 4-8Y_Swimwear_Trunks_excel.xlsx8.92 Kb
00364_Boy 4-8Y_Shoes_Flip Flops_excel.xlsx11.09 Kb
00365_Boy 4-8Y_Shoes_Sandals_excel.xlsx27.67 Kb
00366_Boy 4-8Y_Shoes_Casual_excel.xlsx36.6 Kb
00367_Boy 4-8Y_Shoes_Athletic_excel.xlsx17.86 Kb
00368_Boy 4-8Y_Shoes_Dress_excel.xlsx7.31 Kb
00371_Boy 4-8Y_Accessories_Socks and Booties_excel.xlsx11.84 Kb
00373_Boy 4-8Y_Accessories_Sunglasses_excel.xlsx5.61 Kb
00376_Boy 4-8Y_Underwear_excel.xlsx24.63 Kb
00378_Shoes_Girl shoes_excel.xlsx27.03 Kb
00379_Shoes_Boy shoes_excel.xlsx23.34 Kb
00381_Clearance_Baby girl_excel.xlsx20.23 Kb
00382_Clearance_Baby boy_excel.xlsx18.69 Kb
00383_Clearance_Toddler girl_excel.xlsx16.39 Kb
00384_Clearance_Toddler boy_excel.xlsx17.97 Kb
00385_Clearance_Kid girl_excel.xlsx19.48 Kb
00386_Clearance_Kid boy_excel.xlsx19.41 Kb

Carters Data Extraction pricing

Carters Price Monitoring

Free Plan - 10 checks per 1 report.

Pricing table here is for multiple source sites.

ChecksSubscription fee

Carters Products Content Extraction (first time or one time)

With extraction by category or product url(s) support.

Data will be saved to file.

Pricing table here is for 1 source site.

Offer1000 products5000 products10000 products50000 products
Level 1 = sku,name,price,all images,description,availability$25$45$67$134
Level 2 = Level 1 + product features (table of attributes)$50$150$225$550
Level 3 = Level 2 + product options (colors, sizes etc.)$80$240$360$720

Carters Products Content Extraction (daily data extraction)

With extraction by category or product url(s) support.

Data will be saved to file.

Pricing table here is for 1 source site.

Offer~200 products/daily~1500 products/daily~5000 products/daily~10000 products/daily
Level 1 = sku,name,price,all images,description,availability$10/monthy$22/monthy$65/monthy$119/monthy
Level 2 = Level 1 + product features (table of attributes)$25/monthy$70/monthy$165/monthy$309/monthy
Level 3 = Level 2 + product options (colors, sizes etc.)$40/monthy$100/monthy$299/monthy$539/monthy

Carters Products Import & Update into your store


This option is available if you have csv, xm,json file with data.

Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, CCV Shop
starting at $50/monthly.
~200 products - $50/monthly
~1500 products - $70/monthly
~5000 products - $90/monthly
~10000 products - $150/monthly
The others CMS
1st month is $1500/monthly,
the others $200/monthly.

How can you use it?

Carters Web Scraping / Content extraction

Get solution to extract content from Carters website.
Extract for each Carters product the next fields:

- name, sku, price, description,
- all images,
- features,
- options (size, color etc),
- categories with structure.

Carters Price Monitoring & Price History

Receive real-time reports with actual Carters prices & stocks.
Analyse price history.

Carters API

Access extracted Carters data via API calls. Receive Carters data in structured CSV, XML or JSON file.

Carters Drop Shipping

You can use Carters Web Scraper for Carters Drop Shipping and export data from Carters web site in to your store.
We will generate file with data (csv,xml, json or excel) and you will import Carters data directly into your online store: shopify,woocommerce, opencart,prestashop,ccvshop.

Carters Price Drops

Analyse prices changes. Get real-time price drops reports by email.

How it works?

Find here workflow how to work with us.

Step 1

Client defines fields for extraction from site or API, chooses export file format, defines categories/urls for extraction.

Step 2

We create a technical specification (TS) for client's task. When document is ready client receives it for confirmation.

Step 3

Our service demo. Samples files.

Step 4

When TS is ready client signs and sends signed copy to us, we send signed document to client by us.

Step 5

Development and client's account setup. It takes ~4-5 working days.

Step 6

Delivery. Client receives email that task is ready and client can take data. If any issue client could contact our manager.

Why MyDataProvider?

Because you will get all things done.

Mydataprovider provides professional custom software development services with a focus on web scraping and price monitoring, repricing services since 2009. Trust us and we will do all the best.

Cost savings

Mydataprovider supports more than 100 TOP websites + our pricing is startups friendly.

1000x more data

Using our tools you could extract tons of data.

Get faster

2 times faster to market. Average time for 1 new scraper development take 2-3 days!


Find here recent testimonials.

Konstantin, Director, Online Shop

We would definitely recommend MyDataProvider as a reliable partner. We are thankful for your patience while solving our problems at the start and for your diligence during the process of support. We are also planning to purchase a number of new web scraping options and customized services from MyDataProvider.

Vyacheslav Bubnov, Director, BelITService

“An excellent service and a dynamic response of technical support. One of the best parsers we have ever dealt with! Thank you!”

Vasilisa Strelnikova, Director, VipDesignPro

With their advanced level of responsiveness, the team of MyDataProvider showed great interpersonal skills.
Thank you so much, it seems that nothing is impossible for you! You are the only team to get our forthcoming projects.


Frequently asked questions.

Do you extract products option/variants data?

Yes, we do. All variants will be extracted correctly. For example sizes, colors will be extracted with appropriate sku, price, availability, images etc.

Can I download data via API?

Yes, you can.

Can you extract data from the other website?

Yes, we can.

Could you extract reviews for products?

Yes, we can.

Export only price drops?

Yes, we can export only items where price was dropped. We compare yesterday's and today's prices.

Excel? How do you export web scraping results?

We export to many formats, excel, csv, json or xml. Excel is preferred because it is the most common for use.