Homedepot API: Use as Homedepot Price Tracker, Web Scraper, Price History Monitoring.

Homedepot API: Web Scraper, Price Tracking, Data Extraction

Do you need to scrape 5K-100K items from Homedepot site? You have to use our Homedepot web scraping / price monitoring service. Hire our team and access top-notch technologies for Homedepot web scraping. Extract Homedepot data 1 time or daily!

About Homedepot

Home Depot is an American company that sells home improvement products like tools, construction products and services. It has its headquarters in Atlanta, and it the largest home improvement retailer in the United States. The Home Depot site can only be viewed by Americans, meaning they only sell their products to United States citizens.

Home Depot was founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill and Pat Farrah in 1978. The site displays its products with a product name, price, features and a product price. This makes purchasing from the site easy since the customer exactly knows the specs of the product.

Download For Free Web Scraping Samples

Filename / LinkSize
00000_AllInOne_json.zip817.82 Kb
00005_Outdoors_Garden Center_Garden Tools_Striking Tools_Hatchets_1208997827_excel.xlsx10.12 Kb
00006_Outdoors_Garden Center_Garden Tools_Striking Tools_Axes_excel.xlsx9.54 Kb
00009_Tools_Hand Tools_Chisels_excel.xlsx57.58 Kb
00011_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Chisel Sets_excel.xlsx12.29 Kb
00012_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Punches & Nail Setter Sets_excel.xlsx13.61 Kb
00013_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_File & Rasp Sets_excel.xlsx5.12 Kb
00015_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Clamp & Vise Sets_Clamp Sets_-1243298987_excel.xlsx9.05 Kb
00016_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Mechanics Tool Sets_excel.xlsx17.74 Kb
00017_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Wrench Sets_excel.xlsx45.25 Kb
00019_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Socket Adapter & Extension Sets_Socket Extension Sets_-1834102968_excel.xlsx6.96 Kb
00020_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Socket Adapter & Extension Sets_Socket Adapter Sets_1079920920_excel.xlsx4.66 Kb
00021_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Screwdriver Sets_excel.xlsx47.84 Kb
00022_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Homeowners Tool Sets_excel.xlsx11.81 Kb
00023_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Ratchet & Socket Sets_excel.xlsx11.79 Kb
00024_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Knife Sets_excel.xlsx13.38 Kb
00025_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Impact Socket Sets_excel.xlsx34.37 Kb
00026_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Professional & Industrial Tool Sets_-2000552515_excel.xlsx5.33 Kb
00027_Tools_Hand Tools_Hand Tool Sets_Pry & Wrecking Bar Sets_excel.xlsx8.97 Kb
00030_Tools_Hand Tools_Fastening Tools_Staplers & Staples_Staple Guns_-1273135588_excel.xlsx13.44 Kb
00031_Tools_Hand Tools_Fastening Tools_Staplers & Staples_Staples_-860968510_excel.xlsx22.64 Kb
00033_Tools_Hand Tools_Fastening Tools_Clamps & Vises_Clamps_excel.xlsx55.71 Kb
00034_Tools_Hand Tools_Fastening Tools_Clamps & Vises_Vises_excel.xlsx25.25 Kb
00035_Tools_Hand Tools_Fastening Tools_Grommets_excel.xlsx6.81 Kb
00037_Tools_Hand Tools_Fastening Tools_Glue Guns & Glue Sticks_Glue Guns_153556108_excel.xlsx8.31 Kb
00038_Tools_Hand Tools_Fastening Tools_Glue Guns & Glue Sticks_Glue Sticks_2127439826_excel.xlsx6.75 Kb
00040_Tools_Hand Tools_Fastening Tools_Rivet Tools & Rivets_Rivet Tools_959400524_excel.xlsx6.9 Kb
00041_Tools_Hand Tools_Fastening Tools_Rivet Tools & Rivets_Rivets_-2002662656_excel.xlsx6.48 Kb
00043_Tools_Hand Tools_Hammers_Claw Hammers_excel.xlsx27.77 Kb
00044_Tools_Hand Tools_Hammers_Framing Hammers_excel.xlsx15.78 Kb
00045_Tools_Hand Tools_Hammers_Specialty Hammers_excel.xlsx26.11 Kb
00046_Tools_Hand Tools_Hammers_Drilling Hammers_excel.xlsx7.04 Kb
00047_Tools_Hand Tools_Hammers_Sledgehammers_excel.xlsx17.82 Kb
00048_Tools_Hand Tools_Hammers_Mallets_excel.xlsx13.63 Kb
00049_Tools_Hand Tools_Hammers_Dead-Blow Hammers_excel.xlsx12.74 Kb
00050_Tools_Hand Tools_Hammers_Ball-Peen Hammers_excel.xlsx13.59 Kb
00052_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Jigs_excel.xlsx10.36 Kb
00053_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Hand Saws_excel.xlsx17.1 Kb
00054_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Miter Boxes_excel.xlsx4.86 Kb
00055_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Reaming Tools_excel.xlsx4.76 Kb
00056_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Snips_excel.xlsx20.42 Kb
00057_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Planes_excel.xlsx6.41 Kb
00058_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Glass Cutters_excel.xlsx4.04 Kb
00059_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Bolt Cutters_excel.xlsx16.27 Kb
00060_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Scissors_excel.xlsx25.07 Kb
00061_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Machetes_excel.xlsx6.06 Kb
00062_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Mauls_excel.xlsx8.41 Kb
00063_Tools_Hand Tools_Cutting Tools_Veneer Cutters_excel.xlsx4.28 Kb
00065_Tools_Hand Tools_Ratchets & Sockets_Sockets_excel.xlsx67.24 Kb
00066_Tools_Hand Tools_Ratchets & Sockets_Ratchets_excel.xlsx19.02 Kb
00067_Tools_Hand Tools_Ratchets & Sockets_Breaker Bars_excel.xlsx6.5 Kb
00069_Tools_Hand Tools_Ratchets & Sockets_Socket Adapters & Extenders_Socket Extensions_-1586934854_excel.xlsx7.63 Kb
00070_Tools_Hand Tools_Ratchets & Sockets_Socket Adapters & Extenders_Socket Adapters_959434525_excel.xlsx6.47 Kb
00071_Tools_Hand Tools_Ratchets & Sockets_Socket Adapters & Extenders_Impact Socket Adapters & Extensions_-1303192855_excel.xlsx8.03 Kb
00072_Tools_Hand Tools_Ratchets & Sockets_Impact Sockets_excel.xlsx16.29 Kb
00074_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Plier Sets_excel.xlsx20.79 Kb
00076_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Tongue & Groove Pliers_All Trades Tongue & Groove Pliers_-273965053_excel.xlsx13.75 Kb
00077_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Tongue & Groove Pliers_Electrician's Tongue & Groove Pliers_2074905320_excel.xlsx4.12 Kb
00079_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Lineman's Pliers_Electrician's Lineman's Pliers_692615438_excel.xlsx9.08 Kb
00080_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Lineman's Pliers_All Trades Lineman's Pliers_-2137077954_excel.xlsx5.19 Kb
00082_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Needle Nose Pliers_All Trades Needle Nose Pliers_1888644646_excel.xlsx12.31 Kb
00083_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Wire Strippers_excel.xlsx28 Kb
00085_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Cutting Pliers_All Trades Cutting Pliers_-1804313732_excel.xlsx17.78 Kb
00086_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Cutting Pliers_Electrician's Cutting Pliers_494381014_excel.xlsx20.31 Kb
00087_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Crimpers_excel.xlsx16.56 Kb
00089_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Slip Joint Pliers_All Trades Slip Joint Pliers_1894097776_excel.xlsx7.97 Kb
00090_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Slip Joint Pliers_Electrician's Slip Joint Pliers_1236807599_excel.xlsx5.2 Kb
00091_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Locking Pliers_excel.xlsx9.49 Kb
00092_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Snap Ring Pliers_excel.xlsx7.95 Kb
00094_Tools_Hand Tools_Pliers_Specialty Pliers_All Trades Specialty Pliers_1022049353_excel.xlsx8.44 Kb
00097_Tools_Hand Tools_Knives & Blades_Knives_Utility Knives_excel.xlsx28.75 Kb
00098_Tools_Hand Tools_Knives & Blades_Knives_Folding Knives_excel.xlsx17.6 Kb
00099_Tools_Hand Tools_Knives & Blades_Knives_Multi-Tools_excel.xlsx74.67 Kb
00100_Tools_Hand Tools_Knives & Blades_Knives_Pocket Knives_excel.xlsx16.84 Kb
00101_Tools_Hand Tools_Knives & Blades_Replacement Blades_excel.xlsx4.09 Kb
00102_Tools_Hand Tools_Knives & Blades_Replacement Blades_Knife Blades_-544241629_excel.xlsx18.47 Kb
00103_Tools_Hand Tools_Knives & Blades_Replacement Blades_Saw Blades_1691315140_excel.xlsx8.66 Kb
00104_Tools_Hand Tools_Knives & Blades_Sharpening Stones_excel.xlsx10.31 Kb
00106_Tools_Hand Tools_Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers_Nut Drivers_excel.xlsx20.04 Kb
00108_Tools_Hand Tools_Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers_Screwdrivers_Multi-Bit Screwdrivers_2133679577_excel.xlsx26.61 Kb
00109_Tools_Hand Tools_Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers_Screwdrivers_Slotted Screwdrivers_-371382343_excel.xlsx17.95 Kb
00110_Tools_Hand Tools_Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers_Screwdrivers_Specialty Screwdrivers_1710809391_excel.xlsx30.92 Kb
00111_Tools_Hand Tools_Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers_Screwdrivers_Phillips-Head Screwdrivers_-972945307_excel.xlsx12.62 Kb
00113_Tools_Hand Tools_Wrenches_Crowfoot Wrenches_excel.xlsx6.73 Kb
00114_Tools_Hand Tools_Wrenches_Adjustable Wrenches_excel.xlsx18.82 Kb
00115_Tools_Hand Tools_Wrenches_Combination Wrenches_excel.xlsx40.73 Kb
00116_Tools_Hand Tools_Wrenches_Pipe Wrenches_excel.xlsx12.7 Kb
00117_Tools_Hand Tools_Wrenches_Torque Wrenches_excel.xlsx10.83 Kb
00118_Tools_Hand Tools_Wrenches_Box Wrenches_excel.xlsx13.75 Kb
00119_Tools_Hand Tools_Wrenches_Open End Wrenches_excel.xlsx9.98 Kb
00120_Tools_Hand Tools_Wrenches_Flare Nut Wrenches_excel.xlsx4.06 Kb
00121_Tools_Hand Tools_Hex Keys_excel.xlsx112.97 Kb
00122_Tools_Hand Tools_Lubricants_excel.xlsx5.28 Kb
00125_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Levels_Laser Level_excel.xlsx32.25 Kb
00126_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Levels_Standard Level_1652308049_excel.xlsx27.5 Kb
00127_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Levels_Level Accessories_1509450954_excel.xlsx9.26 Kb
00129_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Measuring Tools_Laser Distance Measurer_-1087557595_excel.xlsx11.29 Kb
00130_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Measuring Tools_Tape Measures_619142405_excel.xlsx25.66 Kb
00131_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Measuring Tools_Rulers_1978370521_excel.xlsx8.52 Kb
00132_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Measuring Tools_Calipers_385799573_excel.xlsx7.64 Kb
00133_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Measuring Tools_Gauges_-2005027440_excel.xlsx6.76 Kb
00134_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Measuring Tools_Long Tapes_-1286684546_excel.xlsx7.12 Kb
00135_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Measuring Tools_Measuring Wheels_330867217_excel.xlsx7.68 Kb
00136_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Measuring Tools_Telescoping Rods_-1423210345_excel.xlsx5.23 Kb
00138_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Marking & Layout tools_Carpenter Squares_-814090428_excel.xlsx11.82 Kb
00139_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Marking & Layout tools_Writing Utensils_1187535899_excel.xlsx9.71 Kb
00140_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Marking & Layout tools_Protractors_52484929_excel.xlsx6.28 Kb
00141_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Marking & Layout tools_Calculators_-1217360913_excel.xlsx5.41 Kb
00142_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Marking & Layout tools_Chalk Reels & Chalk_-2029079792_excel.xlsx7.74 Kb
00143_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Marking & Layout tools_Flagging Tape_-873636732_excel.xlsx8.22 Kb
00144_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Marking & Layout tools_Compasses_1066815876_excel.xlsx4.11 Kb
00145_Tools_Hand Tools_Measure & Layout Tools_Marking & Layout tools_Plumb Bobs_1414788975_excel.xlsx4.53 Kb
00146_Tools_Hand Tools_Specialty Hand Tools_excel.xlsx131.83 Kb
00147_Tools_Hand Tools_Stud Finders_excel.xlsx9.57 Kb
00149_Tools_Hand Tools_Taps & Dies_Taps_excel.xlsx75.92 Kb
00150_Tools_Hand Tools_Taps & Dies_Dies_excel.xlsx43.2 Kb
00151_Tools_Hand Tools_Tool Accessories_excel.xlsx86.12 Kb
00152_Tools_Hand Tools_Wrecking & Pry Bars_excel.xlsx34.22 Kb
00154_Tools_Tool Storage_Portable Tool Boxes_excel.xlsx4.08 Kb
00158_Paint_Paint Tools & Supplies_Glues & Epoxy_Epoxy & Accessories_-1122735808_excel.xlsx6.74 Kb
00162_Electrical_Electrical Tools_Electrical Hand Tools_Tool Sets_1363385137_excel.xlsx10.46 Kb
00164_Electrical_Electrical Tools_Electrical Hand Tools_Electrical Pliers_Needle Nose_-1286768206_excel.xlsx10.37 Kb
00165_Electrical_Electrical Tools_Electrical Hand Tools_Fastening Tools & Wrenches_740803134_excel.xlsx6.8 Kb
00166_Wrenches_excel.xlsx5.79 Kb

How can you use it?

Homedepot Web Scraping / Content extraction

Get solution to extract content from Homedepot website.
Extract for each Homedepot product the next fields:

- name, sku, price, description,
- all images,
- features,
- options (size, color etc),
- categories with structure.

Homedepot Price Monitoring & Price History

Receive real-time reports with actual Homedepot prices & stocks.
Analyse price history.

Homedepot API

Access extracted Homedepot data via API calls. Receive Homedepot data in structured CSV, XML or JSON file.

Homedepot Drop Shipping

You can use Homedepot Web Scraper for Homedepot Drop Shipping and export data from Homedepot web site in to your store.
We will generate file with data (csv,xml, json or excel) and you will import Homedepot data directly into your online store: shopify,woocommerce, opencart,prestashop,ccvshop.

Homedepot Price Drops

Analyse prices changes. Get real-time price drops reports by email.

How it works?

Find here workflow how to work with us.

Step 1

Client defines fields for extraction from site or API, chooses export file format, defines categories/urls for extraction.

Step 2

We create a technical specification (TS) for client's task. When document is ready client receives it for confirmation.

Step 3

Our service demo. Samples files.

Step 4

When TS is ready client signs and sends signed copy to us, we send signed document to client by us.

Step 5

Development and client's account setup. It takes ~4-5 working days.

Step 6

Delivery. Client receives email that task is ready and client can take data. If any issue client could contact our manager.

Why MyDataProvider?

Because you will get all things done.

Mydataprovider provides professional custom software development services with a focus on web scraping and price monitoring, repricing services since 2009. Trust us and we will do all the best.

Cost savings

Mydataprovider supports more than 100 TOP websites + our pricing is startups friendly.

1000x more data

Using our tools you could extract tons of data.

Get faster

2 times faster to market. Average time for 1 new scraper development take 2-3 days!


Find here recent testimonials.

Jasson Smith

I found Mydataprovider web scraping service on Google. Really like it. I had a special need to create a large e-commerce database that I can test a new search product against which I am developing. I would like to capture all the aliexpress categories and only 10 products per category. So not capturing all products, but capturing all the categories. Mydataprovider team did it well. Many thanks!

Yuri Shamrei

I'm interested in price monitoring data for e-commerce domains. From website I discovered like this is something can help me. And mydataprovider team delivered for me nice product for price monitoring.

Varlik Brownewell

We are a company with 7 webshops. We dropshipping from 1 supplier. We would like to work together to make the import of the products easy for us. We are working with CCV Shop, so mydataprovider created importer for direct products import into my stores. Mydataprovider service takes daily fresh products info from supplier's API and updates items, stocks, prices at our 7 webshops. Additionally they did automatic translation of product name, description, seo fields into my native language from English.


Frequently asked questions.

Do you extract products option/variants data?

Yes, we do. All variants will be extracted correctly. For example sizes, colors will be extracted with appropriate sku, price, availability, images etc.

Can I download data via API?

Yes, you can.

Can you extract data from the other website?

Yes, we can.

Could you extract reviews for products?

Yes, we can.

Export only price drops?

Yes, we can export only items where price was dropped. We compare yesterday's and today's prices.

Excel? How do you export web scraping results?

We export to many formats, excel, csv, json or xml. Excel is preferred because it is the most common for use.