Resume web scraping tool

Resume web scraping tool

Use job scraping software to get resume data from the web. MyDataProvider tool helps quickly and efficiently conduct a candidate search


About Resume Web Scraping Service

Web scraping tools can also be used to scrape resumes from the web. The resume web scraping software scrapes the resumes and posts them to recruiting database. Also, they update resumes from job boards or employment websites and keep the job application information in the same database and format. A web scraping software helps to quickly and efficiently conduct candidate search.

Resume web scraping tools ensures:


  1. A resume web scraping tool ensures data scraped is accurate and of high quality.
  2. There is an effortless integration that helps the user connect to many job boards and ATS APIs.
  3. The resume web scraping tools ensure that data from job boards is scraped automatically and monitored daily to harvest data from the daily updated.


Features of a Resume web Scraping Tool


The resume web scraper scrapes data from websites (HTML/XML) via FTP.

The tools scrapes all new entries on job boards

You can only scrape data from a logged in account

Web scraping tool schedules regular crawling on job postings



Understanding how Resume web scraping Tool works

When you understand your resume analytics, you get to know and understand your immediate reach in your database. Resume web scraping tools are tools for recruiters and have the power to integrate into ATS via their API.

The resume web scraping tool enables recruiters to understand the resumes in their database. For the web scraping tool to work, you should enter the topic that includes industry, titles, skills and company names. You are the presented with a visual or groupings of skill that is in a readable format that will help you identify the right skills.

Octoparse is one of the best tools that can scrape resumes from the web. However, you should take caution when scraping the websites not to violate terms and conditions of the site. Make sure to ask for authorization before you do it.


Essential Resume Scraping Skills

  1. Websites that post jobs are popular today since they offer an opportunity for people to apply for their dream jobs. However, these sites also host large amounts of aggregated data that can give insights to job trends, salary range and competitive information. Recruiters today scrape data from the job boards and make use of it while still fresh. For this to work, a recruitment plan should consider the below factors.
  2. The demand for recruiting
  3. The recruitment information
  4. The job market lows and highs
  5. Managing the job seekers information.
  6. Finding the best job title for a given position
  7. Come up with ways to track the competitors talent pool.
  8. Offering competitive salaries to attract more talents.
  9. Keeping track of the employment trends.
  10. From the above information, you can clearly note that scraping resumes from the web is possible. This process helps employees get the best talent pool in their company. If you are new to web scraping, we recommend you to use tools that do not require coding. This enables you to extract data fast in just a few steps.