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Web Scraping Tools: Grepsr

Do you need to extract data from a website or ecommerce store? Find out Grepsr features, cost, pros and cons

About Grepsr

Grepsr managed platform can help with everything you need to capture, normalize and effortlessly bring data into your system.

Fresh and clean data for marketers to investors.
Your data extractors are built by experts, scaled and managed by a powerful crawling platform.

Web Scraping Service Platform That’s Effortless. We get it. You’re tired of learning and configuring complicated tools. Plus, it’s taking way more time to structure and make data useable.


– Streamlined Cloud powered data extraction process.
– Download extracted data as CSV, PDF, HTML, XML Feed or JSON.
– Extracted data sent to Email, FTP, Dropbox & Google Docs.
– Push data to your apps – HTTP POST notification & XML Feeds.
– Schedule extractions – when and how often to extract.
– Explain requirement visually using screenshots and markings.
– Upload files, use built in snapper or use browser plugins.
– Grepsr Data Analysts help you finalize your requirements.
– Zero technicality – don’t have to know Regex, XPath etc
– Flat pricing, no downloads, run extraction on our Cloud.

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