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This is a cloud-based web data extraction helping users acquire relevant information from many types of websites. Users of different are able to scrape unstructured data and save them in different formats such as HTML, Excell and even plain text.

It also allows users to run multiple extractions tasks simultaneously whereby these tasks can be scheduled to run at regular intervals, or in real time. Octoparse has two modes; Wizard and Advanced modes. In wizard modes, users are provided with step-by-step instructions to extract data whereas, in advanced mode, advanced features are provided for more complicated web pages. The following software guides appear in octoparse;

  1. Business Intelligence Tools
  2. Data Integration Tools
  3. Cloud BI Tools
  4. Healthcare BI Software
  5. Data Visualization Tools
  6. Mobile BI Software

This software offers services on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via email and through an online knowledge base. It also stimulates web browsing behavior such as opening a web page, logging, into an account, entering a text, pointing-and-clicking the web element. This tool allows users to easily get data by clicking the information in the built-in browser.


The biggest difference between Octoparse and its alternatives is that it can get data from interactive websites. You can totally instruct Octoparse to scrape data from very complex and dynamic sites because it can;

  • Sign in to accounts to scrape behind a login
  • Select choices from drop-down menus, tabs, pop-up windows
  • Enter keywords and search with a search bar
  • Go to a new page simply by clicking on the “next” button
  • Get data from infinitely scrolling pages
  • Able to input Captcha in local machine
  • Visual workflow to understand the logics of the scraper and could be changed easily with a point-and-click interface
  • Smart mode to deal with the simple website just by entering the target URL
  • Extract inner and outer HTML and attributes and customize the values for further extraction
  • Advanced RegEx tool and Xpath tool to modify the regular expression or Xpath, which means you don’t need to know how regular expression and XPath are written.

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